Bulgari Tadao Ando Octo Finissimo Inspiration Video

Aug 01, 2023,19:32 PM

Many of us have said the Tadao Ando is one of our favorite Bulgaris.  And I'd say you guys are RIGHT!  The titanium looks like concrete (Tadao Ando's favorite medium for his architectural works of art), and the spiral (it is a spiral and NOT CONCENTRIC CIRCLES) has a very ZEN feel to it.  What a great collaboration and one of the few special collaborations done right.  Why don't more brands collaborate with more architects?  Collaborating with sports stars is so passé and not all sports stars know much about watches other than flashing the "bling."  But architects!  Bulgari is onto something here!  

Well.  I just found this Bulgari X Tadao Ando video on YouTube.  Considering I also like the Tadao Ando Bulgari watch, I'm surprised I didn't find it until now, and the video is years old.  Ahah!  Google/YouTube doesn't know everything about me yet!  

ENJOY the video! If video doesn't work, go to this link: www.youtube.com

My favorite is the titanium version because it resembles the concrete - a medium Ando is famous for working with and integrating into his architectural designs.  But there were three made; a carbon fiber minute repeater version (rarest), the titanium version above, and a ceramic version with a permanently crescent-shaped moon it is not a Moonphase complication (this might be confusing for some people).  In the video, Bulgari Executive Fabrizio Buonmassa states his favorite dial is likely the one with the Crescent Moon.  

It's important to note that Fabrizio Buonmassa Stigliani himself is the genesis of many of these collaborations; some are through personal relationships he's created over the years and not necessarily approached from a commercial venture.  Signore Buonmassa also has a deep passion for Japanese culture and frequently travels to Japan for business and pleasure.  The designer is also a fan of cars, watches, and fountain pens!  Hmm, sounds like someone I know!  Buonmassa goes even further down the rabbit hole on pens than I do - he even has favorite ink colors and certain brands of inks.  I just use the generic black and blue (I'm probably missing part of the experience).  And true to his Italian style, he also loves pants, especially denim - and he admits to having a small obsession for Japanese denim (me too buddy, I recently switched to Italian designers using Japanese cloth).  Buonmassa and I share another similarity: we both go after DNA - Buonmassa liked a specific Ferrari and I immediately assumed that he liked Ferraris - he corrected me and said he specifically liked certain designers and not just the brand itself.  In a similar vein, I like movies by certain directors - I care much less about the actors/actresses in the movie.  Christopher Nolan's style of film and storytelling resonates with me and I can always tell if it's a Michael Mann film since so many of his films have shots done with hand held cameras which provide an uneasy unsteady movement that creates tension in the scene.  One more thing that Signore Buonmassa and I differ on (the first one being which Tadao Ando watch we like the most) is that Buonmassa is a seasoned motorcycle rider - I had the pleasure of attending a Ducati event with him - and he loves the experience of riding motorcycles.  

I'm really pleased with many of the collaborations thus far Signore!  They have been very inspiring and very meaningful!  Keep up the good work!  Bravo!  

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This is the best edition so far

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : August 1st, 2023-22:36
It will be a tough task to design something better. We should talk about the tens of LE's that for some collectors damage and devaluate the reputation and value. I'd say a new thread will be necessary 😎

Yes! Thankfully, AP has stopped with all the Limited Editions...

 By: patrick_y : August 1st, 2023-22:46
I remember the days when AP would just have dozens of limited editions. Montauck Highway Edition. Kobe Bryant Edition. Those were the days when they took that business model and really milked it. But back then, customers were silly enough to be fooled! To...