Time for the Breguet 7079 'Tradition'

Jan 13, 2021,05:59 AM

I am thinking to change the strap for a more casual brown,

but even with this black alligator, I can't get enough of its looks.

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I have a great calf on a white metal Tortue and it looks great

 By: Geo : January 13th, 2021-11:35
Suede I never tried, but grey will be a great match. George

Dark green is cool and works well with yellow and white gold

 By: Geo : January 13th, 2021-11:33
It's a bit more daring and I am sure not everybody's taste. But I think it will look great. George

Been thinking of strap options for mine too

 By: Chapstickjunkie81 : January 13th, 2021-07:07
Grey or brown suede alligator or ostrich leg sounds good. I think straps are hard for this watch because the dial is so interesting but classic but very modern. Its seems difficult to find a strap thats checks all of those boxes seamlessly. Now that I thi...  

wow great picture

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 13th, 2021-07:19

I have a bit of a problem with endangered animals, stingrays and reptiles but

 By: Geo : January 13th, 2021-11:29
please let's not have a discussion about that, but I prefer calf, pigskin or deer. George

Good to know.

 By: Chapstickjunkie81 : January 13th, 2021-13:29
No discussion need. Everyone has their preferences.

I like nubuck Grey alligator. What do you mean by...

 By: Chapstickjunkie81 : January 13th, 2021-08:23