The Tradition is still a steal…

Jun 05, 2024,13:58 PM

Love these so much. Hope to snag a tourbillon one day. 

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 By: amanico : June 5th, 2024-16:18

Unique design and DNA

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 5th, 2024-16:40

Pretty darn good ;)

 By: InHavenPro : June 5th, 2024-17:50

Fully agree

 By: vitalsigns : June 5th, 2024-18:10
Checks so many boxes --Finely crafted --Truly unique among the watch world's offerings --true to Breguet's heritage, and excellent pedigree of course --Very good relative price --a lot of choices among the various models


 By: hora12reborn : June 5th, 2024-19:16


 By: GWIS : June 5th, 2024-19:18
And I agree that the tourbillons look amazing. All the best, Jon

7097 is magnificent

 By: iamawatchnut : June 5th, 2024-19:30
It's so underrated.