That´s pretty impressive :-) I can understand your feelings towards this beautiful watch. Enjoy!

May 30, 2024,18:08 PM

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Marine 5517 accuracy anecdotal info

 By: jack johnson : May 30th, 2024-15:51
Mine runs at +0 sec a day. I find this pretty satisfyin. And overall love this thing, one of my best buying decisions ever. ...  

Thank you! :)

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-07:03

Thank you very much!

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-07:04

Nice Marine! Enjoy!

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : May 30th, 2024-19:16

Thanks :)

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-07:04

Will do, thank you :)

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-07:04

Nicely noted! :))

 By: jack johnson : June 2nd, 2024-07:05