Spotted in Paris: Breguet Type XX 3800 ST, 1998.

Feb 08, 2019,17:48 PM

No date, nice case, superb patina of the tritium indices and hands, this Type XX 3800 Aeronavale is a cool looking watch. 

Here are three pictures I could take in a watch shop today. 

A very good neo vintage! 



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Beauty! [nt]

 By: Horology75 : February 8th, 2019-19:45

What I think. +1. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 9th, 2019-02:36

Gorgeous piece. One of my favourites.

 By: Bounce781 : February 9th, 2019-02:15
But the crown is not original (the issued crowns had a gold cap). This one had its crown replaced during the service. Lovely patina on the dial. Such a cool piece

Thanks for confirmation.

 By: Bounce781 : February 10th, 2019-02:06

Yep. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 9th, 2019-03:44

I love the Type XX

 By: Uncle Chico : February 9th, 2019-03:33
It's my daily beater

Sadly no [nt]

 By: Uncle Chico : February 9th, 2019-04:08

Early 2000's, if my memory serves me well.

 By: amanico : February 10th, 2019-02:01
No message body

I am trying to date mine, unfortunately i have no papers and i am doing some research.

 By: desertimer : February 11th, 2019-04:00
I am in love with the type XX, i was looking for a Type XXI, when i found this at an unbelievable price i took it, now i am addicted. ...  

Love type XX [nt]

 By: Passionata_george : February 9th, 2019-03:47

My favorite Breguet.

 By: M4 : February 9th, 2019-05:33
Type XX in steel. I wish I owned one. This one looks extra special on that leather strap. Thanks for posting. M4

My pleasure, M4. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 9th, 2019-06:38