My 5207 went to servicing today

May 15, 2020,13:50 PM

Nobody except me at the flagship store...

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Retrograde seconds

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 15th, 2020-14:26
One of my favorite , nice lively dial with the seconds moving back and forth.

LOL!!! [nt]

 By: amanico : May 15th, 2020-23:47

The dail is deceptively intricate.

 By: Uncle Chico : May 15th, 2020-21:24
I love the off center hour track and the alignment of the power reserve, hour and minute hands and fly back second hand. To my eye there are six distinct patterns in the dial engraving.

Donโ€™t forget to let me know the outcome...

 By: Mike H : May 16th, 2020-04:08
Hopefully they will manage to fix the issue this time... Cross fingers ๐Ÿคž

A very nice watch! Anything wrong with it or just the standard service?

 By: eklektik : June 30th, 2020-02:56
You must have had a private tour of the boutique then, lucky you! Best, E.

Automatic winding problem not fixed

 By: hhh-h : July 1st, 2020-13:11
I made a service last year because the automatic winding was no more very efficient. Back from service, the problem still remains. I brought the watch back 2 times requesting to fix that default. Response: your watch is working within our norms... I am ve... 

Some inputs from 5207 owners ?

 By: hhh-h : July 11th, 2020-15:28
Does anyone noted that the automatic winding was no more very efficient ? I mean the power reserve does not increase during the day wear.

Thanks !

 By: hhh-h : July 13th, 2020-10:32
I have got another feedback: the winding shall work normally as with any other automatic watch

End of story

 By: hhh-h : October 17th, 2020-10:34
Finally, the manager of the Paris boutique accepted to send the watch to Geneva. They found that something in the automatic mechanism has some wear.... Breguet Geneva will repair it and overall again the movement under warranty. End of story !