Live pictures of the new Breguet 7597

Aug 27, 2020,10:24 AM

Had the opportunity to see the new La Tradition 7597 in metal today.

On the wrist

In rose gold also very, very nice!

A very, very convincing new watch from Breguet, that compliments the La Tradition line nicely!

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How did you think about the thickness?

 By: Ted-Lo : August 27th, 2020-10:32
Would you have preferred a manual wind?

Thickness is good

 By: COUNT DE MONET : August 27th, 2020-10:40
Note the pusher at 10, which is buttery soft to handle, needs a bit thicknes of the case. I think an auto was the best choice here. Wearing comfort is flawless.

Woo! [nt]

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : August 27th, 2020-11:51


 By: COUNT DE MONET : August 27th, 2020-11:57
When I mentioned that the La Tradition looks best outdoors, with natural light, the boutique staff offered me to take the watch outside in oder to take picture . Very kind people!

Agreed! [nt]

 By: amanico : August 27th, 2020-13:39

Very good looking watch

 By: George Gently : August 27th, 2020-22:07
Certainly a must see on the wrist, before buying anything else. May I ask what your wristsize is, Count? Thanks for the effort taking the pictures... George

Hello George; yes, one has to consider this 7597 as a next watch, before buying.

 By: COUNT DE MONET : August 28th, 2020-05:11
I have got a 7.1 inch wrist, but I did not put the watch properly on, did not fasten the strap and left both ends open. It wears like any 40 mm watch, very comfortable.

Good to know...

 By: George Gently : August 28th, 2020-07:05
Düsseldorf isn’t that far from the Dutch border... Thanks again and have a nice friday! George

Perhaps I'm too used to the original design

 By: Uncle Chico : August 28th, 2020-01:14
But for some reason I'm still on the fence about the 7597.

I'm starting to come around

 By: Uncle Chico : August 29th, 2020-02:07
I just noticed that the date track mirrors the design of what Breguet uses for it's power reserve and fly back second hand tracks on other references. It's consistent with the brand's DNA.

Good observations

 By: COUNT DE MONET : August 29th, 2020-02:54
The design of the of the date track is really technical: note the bolts.

And the raised numerals! [nt]

 By: Uncle Chico : August 29th, 2020-06:44

It is such a smart and good looking solution.

 By: Geo : August 30th, 2020-02:52
I really dislike watches with a date window, but this looks amazing. George