High Tea at the Frankfurterhof Frankfurt

Mar 15, 2019,08:07 AM

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 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : March 15th, 2019-08:28
It's a perfect dressy watch. Harmonious symmetries with off-set interest and guilloche to bring the negative space to life.

Breguet remains Breguet...

 By: Izhik : March 15th, 2019-12:33
very nice even thought, bit out of focus....

Here's a better one

 By: Uncle Chico : March 15th, 2019-12:53
I was in a hurry as we were with a group that would have thought my choice of focus was somewhat unusual. ...  

I have to improve my photo game

 By: Uncle Chico : March 15th, 2019-13:04
I think my mobile lens needs a cleaning