Happy with the newest acquisition .....

Oct 11, 2021,15:22 PM

10 years ago I had a SS XXI on bracelet, absolutely loved it, but have sold it later on to finance something else I forgot what.  At that time I told myself I would get it back somewhere in life in RG if I really love it.

Life went on as usual and my taste changed a bit, and thought that XX is the one to go, which is better in size and considered it a real classic without all the flashy dial features of XXI, so here I got that:

Somewhere later in life again, a RG XXI turned up and I couldn't resist, the flashy dial is, not classic and should not be there for a real pilot watch, but whatever, I really like it:

Recently, I got another real classic in excellent condition, again, couldn't resist:

The Sinn 156 and XXI are similar in many features, yet they are very different.  
Both use Lemania movement with center chronograph second and minute hands, which is great in chronograph reading.
Both similar in size, on paper, 42mm for XXI and 43mm for 156.  The XXI indeed feels larger.
XXI feels heavy (of course, it's in RG), the 156 feels light.

Sorry for the poor iphone pics...

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Of course! ;)

 By: amanico : October 12th, 2021-06:00