Breguet Classique Chronograph 3237.

Sep 05, 2020,04:31 AM

Dear Purists,

I have recently acquired my first Breguet after many years of coveting one. Love the size, the case, the movement but most of all - the dial! 
Anyone knows when this model was introduced and how long it stayed in production? And another short questions - the letter after the serial number, does it have any significance for dating the watch?

A few pictures of this beauty! 

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Gorgeous watch

 By: Lankysudanese : September 5th, 2020-04:38
But your photography skills are even more impressive 👍🏿👌🏿

Well said

 By: chk : April 4th, 2021-20:17

One of my favorites

 By: tim5 : September 5th, 2020-06:12
Very fond of the 3237 (and the similar 5237), probably the nicest HW chrono this side of Lange. Much nicer than Breguet's newer versions of essentially the same watch, which are unnecessarily big and often have unnecessarily busy dials. Also much nicer th... 

I find it interesting to read what you’re saying

 By: northerner : September 5th, 2020-07:13
as it is pretty much what I am thinking. The race after big cases has left us with one loser - the movement! All those spacer rings are driving me insane. And the dials with a lot going on at the outer edge just to mask the subdials sitting to close to th...  

In the same vein ...

 By: tim5 : September 5th, 2020-08:00
... the long-discontinued Vacheron Les Historiques chrono is also a nice watch and, in YG, is a good deal in the secondary market. Myself, I am resolutely a grey-metal guy, and would kill for the ultra rare platinum version with the guilloche salmon dial ... 

The yellow gold of this 3237 does look really good.

 By: chk : April 4th, 2021-20:19
And I agree with the YG 90s chrono (47101) being a good deal.

It seems that the case size is also proportional to the box size :)

 By: eklektik : September 11th, 2020-06:31
You have an amazing watch! Owning a Breguet would be my highest horological achievement! I will one day! Best, E.

Thank you! Breguet is not a name to be taken lightly :)

 By: northerner : September 11th, 2020-10:35
As for the box, I much prefer boxes in size small as these are much easier to store. And the suede sleeve is a great way to store the watch.

On a watch like this,

 By: chk : April 4th, 2021-20:21
One doesn't need to worry about the papers.

Thank you for posting these really good photo's

 By: Geo : September 5th, 2020-06:46
of your new Breguet Classique Chronograph 3237. Amazing looking watch, love to look at that caliber. George

You are very welcome George!

 By: northerner : September 5th, 2020-07:18
It’s all the positive comments that bring inspiration to keep experimenting with light and shadows I have compared this movement to a friend's VC 47101 and they appear to be identical but for the engravings of course. I am actually suspecting that the mov... 

Unlikely ...

 By: tim5 : September 5th, 2020-08:07
... Breguet is Swatch, Vacheron is Richemont, and I'm pretty sure that the label does the finishing, not the movement provider (Lemania, also Swatch, in this case).

Both models predate these acquisitions

 By: northerner : September 5th, 2020-08:14
so technically the movements could have been ordered from the same manufacturer already finished.

Unlikely; I am not aware Lemania has finished watches to this level!

 By: chk : April 4th, 2021-20:23
Excellent 3237 once again. Apologies for leaving multiple comments about the same watch.

I wrote to Breguet with a similar question regarding a Breguet NOS piece

 By: Uncle Chico : September 5th, 2020-08:55
I used the contact link on Breguet's website to ask when my watch was provided to the dealer who sourced it because that particular store was no longer listed as an AD for Breguet. I received a response within 48 hours that confirmed the dealer was in fac... 

Wow, thank you for the info!

 By: northerner : September 5th, 2020-09:33
It’s defined worth a try.

A beautiful chronograph

 By: Uncle Chico : September 5th, 2020-10:25
The size is perfect

Hard to get any purer...

 By: mdg : September 5th, 2020-10:49
...or classier than this. And crazy inexpensive as far as these things go.

Couldn’t agree more!

 By: northerner : September 5th, 2020-10:56
I think it’s the size that makes them cheap. But in a few years the size will make ‘em expensive again

I have a fairly large wrist...

 By: mdg : September 5th, 2020-14:37
...but don't mind wearing 36mm at all. More good stuff for us : )

Class! (Nt)

 By: Echi : September 6th, 2020-21:43

Thank you!

 By: northerner : September 7th, 2020-01:39
I use an Olympus e-m1 mark II and Zuiko lenses. I believe these ones were taken with 25mm 1.2 and 45mm 1.2

A new strap has arrived.

 By: northerner : September 11th, 2020-10:39
What are your honest opinions: the brown calf or the black gator? ...  

Brown calf for me. [nt]

 By: amanico : September 11th, 2020-11:36

Brown, but not THAT brown.

 By: MZHammer : September 14th, 2020-07:39
There's a lot of lovely brown straps I've seen put on Breguets, I wear mine on a Patek Gator strap and I've seen others wear them on a tan saffiano leather strap which looks terrific, ...  

Beautiful, congrats!

 By: TonyR : October 24th, 2020-06:07
I love that reference.