Non-hacking second of Hodinkee Milspec?

Jan 07, 2021,02:28 AM

Dear All,
My Milspec finally arrived!
The watch looks good on wrist.
When I adjusted the time, found the second hand is non-hacking.
That surprised me, as I thought FF’s caliber has hacking second.
Took out my FF Barakuda immediately and found to be non-hacking as well.
Could other owners of this Milspec/ Barakuda confirm whether theirs are non-hacking too?
Couldn’t find this info on Blancpain website.
Thank you very much!

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The Military Milspec ( Vintage ) have hacking second.

 By: amanico : January 7th, 2021-02:37
They house the Cal AS 1361N, the same calibre you can find in the Tornek Rayville: ...  

I was surprised to read about the hodinkee Milspec being non-hacking,

 By: Lankysudanese : January 7th, 2021-03:07
but that appears to be true. It’s not a problem with your particular timepiece. I’m not a fan of non-hacking movements

Superb pic!! Lovely!!!

 By: agyzace : January 7th, 2021-10:48

You can get it to "hack"...

 By: BigFatPauli : January 7th, 2021-05:11
If you turn the crown just slightly counter clockwise in the setting position, the second hand should stop in place while pressure is applied.

Like the Speedy Pro?

 By: YpJ : January 8th, 2021-00:02