I really like this watch a lot.

Aug 28, 2023,17:26 PM

In many ways.

It is beautiful, robust, practical (WR 300m, PR 120h), really accurate and suitable for all situations. The brushed matte red gold looks like bronze.

The movement warms my heart.

I am always fascinated by how different this watch looks in various lighting conditions.

And I like cauliflower baked in the oven. ☺️🙏

Thanks for looking, my dear friends!

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Thank you. It is one watch and always blue.

 By: MTR : August 28th, 2023-17:36
The dial is blue ceramic consisting of a darker outer circle and a lighter inner circle. It can range from a medium light blue to dark blue to almost black. Depending on the lighting conditions. Which, as mentioned, I find quite fascinating.

Fascinating BP. Enjoy.

 By: hora12reborn : August 28th, 2023-17:44

It is a lovely timepiece!

 By: patrick_y : August 28th, 2023-17:46

Thanks a lot. 🙏🙏

 By: MTR : August 28th, 2023-17:52
I felt the same and therefore decided for this piece. On the other hand: it’s not completely under the radar. 😁

Very nice watch, but I would have to say

 By: Thomas_3 : August 28th, 2023-17:51
that blacking out the number on the case back did no good.


 By: Michael Reilly : August 28th, 2023-17:52
I like it also . Cool look

Merci, Michael!

 By: MTR : August 28th, 2023-17:55


 By: MTR : August 28th, 2023-17:54
Good one! The watchmaker told me the same. But I thought it would make the watch more … individual.

Thanks a lot, Tony!

 By: MTR : August 29th, 2023-09:45
To the cauliflower dish: it tastes really delicious and is so easy to make. A high-quality olive oil and plenty of Parmesan cheese. That's all it takes. Sometimes I also leave the leaves on, which then become crunchy and delicious, too.

Luxurious AND

 By: MTR : August 29th, 2023-09:47
really practical and suitable for water sports and everyday use. Cheers Thomas ...  


 By: K-Lo : August 29th, 2023-10:22

Thanks a lot mon ami!

 By: MTR : August 29th, 2023-09:52
The X is still on my mind. Here I am looking forward to a smaller version. Maybe one day…?

That is a beauty.

 By: Champthekid : August 28th, 2023-21:28
Looks great on the wrist 👍

This is the only Diver that works in gold for me!

 By: fifty fathoms : August 29th, 2023-11:12
Very fine watch, it looks good on your wrist. Enjoy it. Best regards Stephan

Thanks a lot, fifty fathoms! 🙏

 By: MTR : August 29th, 2023-15:15
I feel the same. Normally I wouldn’t wear a diver in a colored metal. Her it is really a very special red gold that looks almost like bronze which has a strong connection to the sea and was the material of choice for many nautical devices and the first di...  

It’s so beautiful

 By: Blue and White : September 8th, 2023-18:31
and the combination of the blue dial and the rose gold is just wonderful. Enjoy it to the fullest. I am glad to read that the watch does not get easily scratched.

Thanks a lot, dear Blue and White!

 By: MTR : September 14th, 2023-17:45
How did you choose your name, if I may ask? ☺️ All the best Thomas

Hi Thomas, I chose my nickname due to my affection for a German soccer club

 By: Blue and White : September 15th, 2023-20:07
That club has royal blue and white as its main colors. So it has nothing to do with watches 😉 Best wishes, Abdullah

Aaaahhhh. Thank you, Abdullah.

 By: MTR : September 17th, 2023-15:47
FC Schalke 04? ☺️ All the best Thomas

Good heavens, you’re right Thomas! 👌😅

 By: Blue and White : September 17th, 2023-20:02
You know quite well about soccer/football. Outside of Germany, the club is not so well known. And the skill level is…well it could be better, mildly put.

I have to confess…

 By: MTR : September 17th, 2023-20:17
I did some research on the internet. 😂 Yes, the skill level can be improved. But at least they're likeable. LOLLL

😅 that’s true, they are likable

 By: Blue and White : September 18th, 2023-18:26


 By: MTR : September 18th, 2023-20:12