Fun with straps, Blancpain edition!

Apr 23, 2021,20:27 PM

While i used to be more keen on bracelets for watches, I’ve 

grown to love trying various straps on my colored-dialed watches. Below are some different straps for my blue dialed 
ceramic Bathyscaphe. Which one(s) do you prefer? 

1. Barton sailcloth in navy blue
2. Hirsch Duke in black alligator embossed in black.            3. Barton sailcloth in olive green
4. Barton canvas in grey 
5. Cognac lizard skin, made by a nice chap in Ukraine 
6. Blancpain factory NATO in navy blue with ceramic hardware (way overpriced, by the way) 
7. black sharkskin Bund, with gray stitching to match case, custom made by another nice chap in Ukraine 
8. Barton black sailcloth 

Interested to hear your thoughts! 

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For me the

 By: MTR : April 23rd, 2021-22:39
Barton sailcloth in navy blue. Cheers Thomas

Especially like the green strap!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : April 23rd, 2021-23:46


 By: MiguelFlash : April 24th, 2021-02:22