May 10, 2023,10:35 AM

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Anyone received their fifty fathoms 70th anniversary?

 By: Azizu : May 7th, 2023-19:06
I guess it now about 4 months since most of our the order for the FF 70th anniversary. Anyone received there watch yet? Iā€™m feeling a little inpatient šŸ˜… ...  

Still waiting for mine (US) ...

 By: als1678 : May 7th, 2023-20:37
I hope that 3-6 months does not become a year!

I thought they

 By: Azizu : May 8th, 2023-20:19
Where going to under-promise and over-deliver with the 4-6 months Turns out they were right šŸ˜…


 By: amanico : May 8th, 2023-06:13


 By: Azizu : May 8th, 2023-20:14
Someone got his watch?! When? How? šŸ˜…šŸ˜…


 By: amanico : May 10th, 2023-10:35

to Blancpain or not to be....

 By: MSB : June 1st, 2023-22:48
No word yet ...... MSB

Just got the update email from Blancpain.

 By: pptraveltime : June 3rd, 2023-12:16
šŸ˜ ...  

Just got the same message, however with Act 1 on the dial...

 By: MSB : June 4th, 2023-13:13
We shall see how it unfolds.... MSB