Oh yeah?

Jan 07, 2020,10:37 AM

Look at my new stapler! 

I am on the 35th floor so when I drop her she will go like a speeding  bullet!!!! A speeding bullet I say.

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My 992.2 GT3RS !

 By: Saral Kumar : January 7th, 2020-09:46
I was lucky enough to get an allocation last year so was able to build my car. It’s a very special car with the NA engine, it’s certainly not the fastest but can hold its own. Sounds glorious between 6k 9K. Here are a lotta a pics. Lol ...  


 By: VMM : January 7th, 2020-10:03
Beautiful machine, love it. Thanks for sharing. Vte

Huge congrats on your 991.2. Yellow looks great with the WP.

 By: Pretty Boy : January 7th, 2020-10:21
I skipped the WP because in June 2018 the magnesium rims were not available yet. If you have a 2019 car, I guess you have an OPF or did they not have to include them in the US? The OPF is really killing the sound in current EU models. Best, V. ...  

Oh yeah?

 By: Ted-Lo : January 7th, 2020-10:37
Look at my new stapler! I am on the 35th floor so when I drop her she will go like a speeding bullet!!!! A speeding bullet I say. ...  

So funny 😂!! [nt]

 By: cpbmd : January 7th, 2020-11:30

I realize I am in the hall of shame now :(

 By: Ted-Lo : January 7th, 2020-14:05
Rescind, I command you!

You Rock Volker !! [nt]

 By: cpbmd : January 7th, 2020-11:31

Sick car Volker!! Love the green.

 By: cpbmd : January 7th, 2020-12:07
It bet the GT3 is stored for the winter. My 911C2 is getting a ski rack next week. Taking it to Canada for a ski trip. Should be interesting I put on Pirelli Sottozeros snow tires on 19 inch Cup wheels I’ll post a pic next week. CB

dream car

 By: Weems@8 : January 7th, 2020-10:33
Holy moly, what a great Porsche. The color is far more better, than the ring taxi GT3. The ring taxi GT3 is fast, but i’d experienced that 100hp more is not a bad idea, so a RS can solve the problem of a normal GT3. Do you have drove a GT2? ...  

Beautiful beast!

 By: renerod : January 7th, 2020-10:49
Are you Bruce Wayne? Or you bought his castle? Best. René

Absolutely stunning! [nt]

 By: nasseriq : January 7th, 2020-10:58

Great machine

 By: Jurry : January 7th, 2020-11:22
That’s one hell of a great car you’ve got there. It might not be fastest but sure as hell the fastest that you can still also use for normal traffic days. and I liked the subtle touch on that one photo where the red Ferrari is visible as well; in the rear... 

OMG!! Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

 By: cpbmd : January 7th, 2020-11:30
Nicest Porsche I have ever seen. Love racing yellow and the black. It’s the fastest bumblebee on the planet. Amazing. Thanks for posting.

Send you some sound

 By: brauner : January 7th, 2020-12:11

Plenty fast!

 By: nacelle : January 7th, 2020-12:20

We Got To Drive GT3's On...

 By: elliot55 : January 7th, 2020-12:34
... The PECLA track where the 405 and 110 freeways meet here in Los Angeles. What. A. Beast. Still, I prefer my Audi. Goes 0-60 in June and that's okay with me

What Audi do you drive? [nt]

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : January 7th, 2020-12:49

Great ride.

 By: JerryW : January 7th, 2020-15:48

Very nice!

 By: patrick_y : January 8th, 2020-21:19
That's one nice yellow GT3 RS!