Late Fifties

Sep 28, 2020,15:29 PM

We had a 58 Chevrolet Wagon (bottom of the General Motors barrel). This was the top of the 1958 GM selection; spotted at a Costco parking lot and license plate frame says FIGHTER PILOT.:


PS - not an autumn day here today

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As my favorite talk radio host says...

 By: HighEndOne : September 28th, 2020-16:04
"When the Chrome was Thick... And the Women were Straight." (an era gone by in the USA) Gee... I hope I don't get banned for this one. All the best... HEO...

Could almost be Havana...

 By: mdg : September 28th, 2020-18:52
...except for the nearby mega warehouse stuffed with every kind of food and consumer good imaginable : )

See my posts in Food [nt]

 By: cazalea : September 28th, 2020-19:19

The good life ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 29th, 2020-01:45
That Chevy looks a sweet ride.

Love the front bench seat

 By: nacelle : September 29th, 2020-05:37
among many other things...

When we were young and stupid my buddies and I would take his fathers car and tour around. It had bench seats and all 3 of us rode in the front seat....

 By: Blansky : September 29th, 2020-11:39
So the trick was while cruising through the A&W the guy on the right would duck down in the seat so the other two guys were sitting together like boyfriend and girlfriend and everyone would see them. The guy in the middle would then beat the hell out ...