Just bought a Bentley Continental GT

Feb 03, 2020,17:07 PM

I just bought a Bentley Continental GT! Very excited.

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Beautiful set of wheels.

 By: cpbmd : February 3rd, 2020-17:47
Which of your watches complements the Bentley?

Congrats thats one beautiful GT [nt]

 By: Watchonthewrist : February 4th, 2020-00:18

Buckingham Palace on wheels.

 By: COUNT DE MONET : February 4th, 2020-00:46
Congrats to it. The only not so good thing, and this applies to all US spec cars, are those little side reflectors on the body at both ends of the car.

Apologies: managed to make a twin post

 By: COUNT DE MONET : February 4th, 2020-00:47

Are you allowed to buy this beautiful Bentley with a nickname like that, jag32 ;-)

 By: mrds : February 4th, 2020-06:41
Great style. And the right color, too! Cheers, Daniel

You beat me to it! He’ll need to change his handle to Bentley32 😀

 By: NickO : February 4th, 2020-07:56
Sweet new ride, congrats. If you’re up here in the DMV area, keep that puppy off the beltway, the stone chips are insane!

This will be the daily driver! [nt]

 By: @Patek_Ambassador : February 4th, 2020-16:03

You may want to think about a clear bra on the front

 By: NickO : February 4th, 2020-20:40
It will save your paintwork but can’t protect your windshield, unfortunately. I’ve lived in NoVa for twenty years and the DC beltway is absolutely unforgiving when it comes to stone chips, as you probably know. Oh well, part of living in this neck of the ... 

Top! [nt]

 By: amanico : February 4th, 2020-21:50

Beast and beauty at the same time!!!

 By: Mike H : February 4th, 2020-13:33
Enjoy it and drive it in the best of health

Congrats. I purchased one in 2007.

 By: JerryW : February 6th, 2020-20:24
It was so very comfortable and fun to drive, also my daily driver and it never had any issues for the 5 year I owned it..