Hi AP fans, AP boutique showed me 2 special pieces, including the 30th ROO black ceramic beast ! πŸ˜ƒ

Mar 10, 2023,17:48 PM

The beast is ref. 26238C and the other one is the ROC (C for concept) Split-Seconds GMT ref. 26650TI.

Both have great wrist presence and will catch eyeballs πŸ‘€.

For my small wrist, unfortunately these pieces are too big for me.  I will dream that my wrist will become bigger so that I can carry these pieces on me πŸ˜‚

What do you think of them ?

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Not a fan of either

 By: TeutonicCarFan : March 10th, 2023-17:58
The concept is cool as a mechanical item but prefer others than this.

I saw them both in Le Brassus on a

 By: edtonkin : March 10th, 2023-18:20
client trip the day before they were released. I was also not taken with either one. The ceramic offshore being just black and white left me a bit nonplussed even though it’s a great watch. Perhaps because I like my End of Days which has yellow in it. The... 

Thanks Ed for your feedback and suggestion on

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-15:46
exercises for enlarging my wrist ! Such exercises are bestowed by me to others for both their and my benefits !

Love them both...

 By: pfang56 : March 10th, 2023-18:42
Of course I'm already a bit biased But I think we all got used to wrist proportions with Panerai - just pulled this out of the safe and it is way bigger than the offshore Peter ...  

Offshore Ceramic is intended to be macho and understated at the same time.

 By: Paul W : March 11th, 2023-02:55
The Royal Oak 41MM chrono is a smaller and more conservative alternative for the more traditional look. ...  

Amazing piece - please share more!!

 By: pfang56 : March 11th, 2023-11:43
Love the gold sundials and the elegant profile vis a vis the offshore. Are the pushers screw down or are they fixed? This is another grail piece Peter

Ceramic APs.

 By: Paul W : March 11th, 2023-21:38
The 41MM Chrono hex screws for the pushers are just decoration, they do not screw down. Besides the cool look of ceramics, they have an understated look, and are more comfortable to wear than their all metal counterparts. ...  

Totally agree

 By: pfang56 : March 11th, 2023-21:56
Big fan of the use of ceramics with AP - lightweight, scratch proof, understated - and I think can go just as well at the pool, at the bar, or in a tuxedo. I just did my first workout with it! Enjoy your dream combo Double Balancier and Chrono make a spec... 


 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-15:48
grail for sure that you have !

I am

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-15:47
envious of your big wrist !

Impressive and cool heavyweights !

 By: borisundercover : March 10th, 2023-18:57
Too big for my wrist too, tho (

Totally agree with you @lbert !

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-15:50
My wrist is tiny :-(

I think the JUMBO would look great on your wrist or the 37mm ROs.

 By: @lberti : March 11th, 2023-16:29
How about girard perregaux, the newly issued one with copper dial?

I have a 41MM

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-17:01
RO with black dial. This is the max that my wrist could carry. Yes, Jumbo or 37 would suit my wrist better. The GP looks good but my Pateks and RO would hate me :-(

I'll just leave this here...

 By: mdg : March 10th, 2023-19:58


 By: pfang56 : March 10th, 2023-21:20
This watch is surprisingly versatile for working out! Peter ...  

WOW WOW WOW Peter ! How

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-15:52
heavy or light is your piece ?

Thanks mdg ! Now I might

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-15:51
have a chance to pull it off !

Amongst the two I prefer the concept for myself

 By: Horology75 : March 10th, 2023-20:28
Unfortunately Don’t have the budget to buy one at the moment

Guess what ? I did

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-15:52
NOT dare to ask for the price of the ROC !

Schwarzenegger pedegree

 By: Weems@8 : March 10th, 2023-20:57
If i may be rough! They are killa. Coincidesse, i was this evening looking for a royal oak o diver. I pick out the peace i want to go for. It is the bright orange rancho. Why? i want a summer kind of royal off shore diver which pop up as a star wars sword... 

Go for it Weems@8 !

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-15:54
Hope to see your wrist shots soon !

Sorry I do not understand your comment on

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-15:54
RM in ROC. Please explain

I meant a little bit of Richard Mille DNA in the concept, the grey one.

 By: doubleup : March 11th, 2023-18:40
The dial hands, date display. Just reminds me of a mix of the two that’s all. Amazing watch

Did you get to see the Code pieces?

 By: ArmisT : March 10th, 2023-22:16
I’m curious to see the next set of ROO releases.

Yes, previously I saw steel Code for

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-16:10
3 hands (beige ?) but I did not like the dark outer rim and green chrono which I like in terms of color. Overall I like the design in the metal and the price points. Awaiting to see the green and blue 3 hands

Thanks for your reply ! Are you

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-16:10
gunning for one or both ?

WOW you can pull off a 44mm !

 By: GLau : March 11th, 2023-16:12
How big is your wrist and how tall are you ? You must be a giant !

Thanks! I’m not a giant haha my wrist is 7 inches and stand 5’10’’

 By: oyster case : March 11th, 2023-18:11
I use the XS strap and it works very well by removing bulk and allowing a central pin buckle position. Highly recommend trying the XS strap.

RM Panerai ROO

 By: myles721 : March 11th, 2023-22:03
All have one thing in common they want to be noticed. If that is what you’re going for then these are great and I like them for that. They exemplify the spirit of more is more. For me LF, Omega DSOTMBB etc are the less is more examples. Both great ideas b...