Code 1159 Strap

May 16, 2023,15:06 PM

I was seeking more details about the “new” AP Code 1159 straps as I really like them (to add on other watches).
I believe those are actually made of rubber that emulates the structure of a canvas / cordura strap? And the lining is made in soft leather.
Would be thankful for an owner to confirm as it’s difficult to find a definite answer online (at least for me!).
PS: and I would assume JRousseau would make the straps?
Thanks and best! Patrick

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Yep, I think it is very similar to sail-cloth

 By: Azizu : May 16th, 2023-21:40
Strap that Blancpain use it on fifty fathoms

Thanks! I think so too from look

 By: p-m-k : May 17th, 2023-05:38
yet upper material is different (sailcloth vs rubber). I am always amazed how a strap can change a watch anyway!

I see

 By: Azizu : May 17th, 2023-20:43
Now I know what you mean, I believe I’ve seen a strap like that by Patek where the top part looks like sail cloth while it feels like rubber and the inside lining is black rubber

rubber material

 By: Jakx : May 17th, 2023-01:36
Hard to tell for sure but your description seems to fit. It is a rubberized weave pattern with hand-stitched calf underside ("cousu main"). ...