I’m always late to the party….

May 25, 2022,13:54 PM

But that’s because I’m making an entrance. Jokes aside….DAMN I’m in love OK. That grayish blue dial, those shiny bits and windows within….just makes this SO much more interesting than the standard time or time-date only luxury sports watch. Didn’t mind one bit with respect to the wider bracelet. It’s bloody complex looking and love the easy adjusting of bracelet/clasp. Integrated pushers are no where to be no wait a minute I found them. So discrete ! Have not even looked at the movement tbh and I’m already so in love. Sorry Nautilus, sorry Royal Oak. I don’t need you all anymore.


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The watch itself is beautiful but it comes from a very arrogant brand thus making it a watch with a very arrogant appeal !

 By: flopi3 : May 25th, 2022-14:34
I have never experienced a brand that turned so arrogant in such a short time frame. ALS boutiques simple do not value long term collectors who bought their Lange watches over years from authorized dealers thus supporting to bring this brand up. Only focu... 

This is the new trend

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : May 25th, 2022-14:42
Basically boutiques only, where you have to buy some stuff before being allowed to buy what you really want. This is the golden age for watchmaking, money is flooding like never before, but like any other asset, it will be dumped when needed. It won't hap... 

lol true

 By: Gelato Monster : May 25th, 2022-14:49

A little arrogant they are flopi :-)

 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 25th, 2022-16:20
But when I received the watch — all is forgiven ! LOL. Life is short….who cares enjoy the ride mate. Cheers G


 By: flopi3 : May 25th, 2022-16:29

Well said.

 By: MilDiver : May 25th, 2022-17:14

Merci mon ami

 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 25th, 2022-16:21
You will love it for sure !! Will fit even better on YOUR wrist. Best G

Thank you ! :-)

 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 25th, 2022-16:21

I’m gonna scrutinize it

 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 25th, 2022-16:22
When I’m less hungover from work

Huge Congrats with your amazing ALS

 By: Watchonthewrist : May 25th, 2022-15:23
Its so comfortable on the wrist and it looks gorgeous. Wear it in best of health

Thank you dear friend !

 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 25th, 2022-16:22

Thank you Bill

 By: Mr.Gatsby : May 26th, 2022-04:01

Big Congratulations Mr Gatsby

 By: Gelato Monster : May 25th, 2022-22:37
Its contemporary cool but.

Many congrats for your acquisition, Mr.Gatsby 👏👏👏

 By: MTR : May 26th, 2022-13:51
And now….: Please look at the movement, too!! Or at least close your eyes while making a photo of the movement just for us. LOLLL All the best Thomas

A rare and stunning piece! Congratulations!

 By: Sfwatchlover : June 1st, 2022-16:41
His older brother says hi 👋 ...  

Looks great on you bro 👍

 By: holdemchamp1225 : June 6th, 2022-15:30