Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nov 25, 2021,18:52 PM

Today with Zeitwerk MR 🤩

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 By: russell996 : November 25th, 2021-19:18
Amazing piece, congratulations. 🥃

Uff! The heavyweight. Literally and figuratively.

 By: Ivan5 : November 25th, 2021-19:23
Its "slimmer" and less complicated sibling says hi... Happy Thanksgiving! ...  

Thank you Nico!!

 By: p.boxster : November 25th, 2021-19:29

Wow thats one amazing and high end ALS

 By: Watchonthewrist : November 25th, 2021-19:47
You will def enjoy this weekend ahead with such a stunner on the wrist

Fabulous piece!!!😍😍😍

 By: diracpoint : November 25th, 2021-22:42
Aesthetically I think I prefer the inward facing gongs of the MR compared to the outer facing ones of the striking time. It looks more symmetrical. Enjoy!

Happy thanksgiving.

 By: Bill : November 25th, 2021-23:49

oh... its back...

 By: stere : November 26th, 2021-09:39
...from spa? Congratulations! Now you are well prepared for upcoming Christmas time ;-) Regards stere