This still holds up! Doubt the Alexander Valley one would but the Napa still has excellent fruit!

Feb 26, 2023,02:48 AM

One can tell it’s an older wine but it’s a nice surprise I must say. Have a great weekend!

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Definitely delicious!

 By: patrick_y : February 26th, 2023-03:25
Coming to Napa anytime soon?

This winery was a bit of a disappointment for me...

 By: mdg : February 26th, 2023-03:32
...but maybe because of so much hype. Probably impossible to live up to. Ironically I met the late owner's wife last year and she never mentioned that her husband owned the place, even though we discussed wine : )

Was it by chance Bonnie Meyers?

 By: Chicolini : February 27th, 2023-03:12
Justin’s wife? When he has the winery it was really something. It slipped since he sold it. Not what it once was but still a nice wine for sure.

Check PM

 By: mdg : February 27th, 2023-04:13

very nice -- have enjoyed many bottles of this

 By: analog_sheen : February 26th, 2023-05:05
off topic but just got some tickets to a Napa BottleRock AfterDark show in a few months!

Very nice to know....

 By: halkcb : February 27th, 2023-01:59
....always enjoyed this vineyard,especially the Napa version. Found this old photo of the '90 which i drank a few years ago,very enjoyable with fruit and complexity Cheers! ...  

Just came back to East Coast from both Napa and Sonoma trips this morning...

 By: Ivan5 : February 27th, 2023-19:56
In my humble, lay opinion Lynmar is a solid catch. A very sophisticated thing they have going on... ...