A little ICE GMT bling bling report from Sweden

Jan 29, 2008,14:06 PM

In December i was at my Rolexdealer Nymans Ur in Stockholm and ofcourse i got my camera with me!
They let me feel and try the new creation from Rolex,the GMT ICE.
First a picture of the first white box Rolex ever done.

Also for the first time,the Rolexlogo is made in white metal.

This is the referens of the watch,Rhodium Waves is the dial.

And now to the watch,this is the most expensive watch Rolex ever done.
With a pricetag of near 4 million Swedish crowns.

The watch will only be made in 10 pieces.

I have to take a wristshot so i can tell a worldfamous rap artist who is interested of this watch that i have try it before him!!

Total it is 2281 Brilliants and 112 Baguette Brilliants tot 25,01 Carat.

The screws on the inside of the bracelet hold the baguette brilliants on their place.

Thanks for looking! Regards Tony Axelzon Sweden

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wow, that is BEAUTIFUL

 By: SteveH : January 29th, 2008-14:25

Bling Bling !!

 By: Krieng : January 29th, 2008-19:57

Hideous. Why, just why.

 By: Moses. : January 29th, 2008-19:58

I'm guessing 50c

 By: steffi1 : January 29th, 2008-20:18
I'm guessing that would be 50 cent that would buy that.

No, I think otherwise

 By: oporto16 : January 30th, 2008-05:39
I would rather think of 50 Cent buying from Jacob & Company. I really like their limited-edition Quenttin tourbillon which uses one of their very first in-house calibres, the Cal. 5: It has a 31 day power reserve(!) served using seven mainspring barrels c...  

50c would wear a cash register on his wrist? [nt]

 By: Chromatic Fugue : January 30th, 2008-06:16
No message body

rofl Carl. Kaa---CHING! [nt]

 By: AnthonyTsai : February 1st, 2008-09:19

Not necessarily that one

 By: oporto16 : January 30th, 2008-10:16

Identifiable Bling!

 By: Russell Cheong : January 29th, 2008-22:32

Ice Ice, baby

 By: MTF : January 30th, 2008-00:00
Tony, I usually don't like bling but this " GMT Ice " is so over-the-top that is may have come out on the other side into the 'cool' category - Sub Zero ! My dog is hiding from the shiny light! MTF...  

i dont wish to offend anyone, but this is the most disgusting

 By: G99 : January 30th, 2008-14:35
watch i have ever seen. it is , i think, watches with bling like this that gives the negative side to Rolex. they make excellent movements and lots of great watches, but this excellence is spoilt by the bling (and perhaps the wearers of the bling watches)... 

two points to be made about this watch

 By: Chromatic Fugue : January 30th, 2008-20:46