30 new pictures of the PAM372

Mar 19, 2011,03:17 AM

Hello Purists, the new PAM372 was in my area after a show and I got the opportunity to take pictures thanks to the wonderful folks at Richemont in Amsterdam. Hope you like 'm...


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excellent shots .....as usual

 By: Hororgasm : March 19th, 2011-03:28
I think the photos are better then the finished product!! Best, Horo

I swear to god that you must work for them.

 By: grigo : March 19th, 2011-06:54
The shots are stupendous really make sme want to go out and get one. Best regards, George


 By: aldossari_faisal : March 19th, 2011-08:27

lol well I don't...

 By: Martin Wilmsen : March 22nd, 2011-04:45
but I wouldn't mind if they asked me Seriously though, I'm in IT - photography is only a hobby. Cheers, Martin

If they were smart

 By: grigo : March 22nd, 2011-04:49
they would ask you and then come up with an add campaign around your work. I am sure that it would ba a hit. If you are as good at IT as you are at photography, then the people you work for are really lucky. Best regards, George


 By: aldossari_faisal : March 19th, 2011-08:30
the quality of your pics is just Astonishing , your shots got emotions to it... unlike their"panerai press" pics. Thanks for sharing and thanks for taking the shots. Keep up the good work . Faisal


 By: heartbreaker : March 19th, 2011-08:51
Tremendous, estraordinary, stunning, amazing, ... , ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ... ... ... No adjective can describe your ART. These aren't simply photographs, it's ART. OK, you're a professionist, but seeing these shots, I feel like your reflex is dir... 

Great great pics!

 By: Joel77 : March 19th, 2011-09:18

Sublime pictorial post, Martin.

 By: amanico : March 19th, 2011-09:59
I am strongly warming for this one. What a watch! Thanks for sharing. Best, Nicolas.


 By: ancs88 : March 19th, 2011-10:05
Can't stop looking at those pics!!! Thank you!


 By: Jester : March 19th, 2011-14:50
Actually didn't even notice that the case number are now engraved directly onto the back of the lug, which makes every single case unique as opposed to just the unique caseback previously. Should help to deter the counterfeit to a certain extent!

I must complain....

 By: Miranda : March 19th, 2011-18:20
your awesone, superlative , fabulous, astounding pictures... make the wait for a 372 EVEN MORE UNBEARABLE so... stop it! LOLOL, just kidding...thank you, your pics make me salivate for the 372... Imran

What else can i say.......

 By: BluNotte : March 20th, 2011-07:13
But that you capture the BEST watch photography in the world. Period. I do wish that you expand your portfolio into the world of Lange as well, then we'd truly be viewing some heaven on earth. Ciao e grazie mille Stephen


 By: doubleup : March 20th, 2011-13:49

As usual, Martin, thank you. [nt]

 By: johnlim_hs : March 20th, 2011-17:08
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 By: i_am_Sam : March 21st, 2011-01:35
You have never failed to amaze me with your beautiful pictorial Martin... Simply captured the beauty of the 372... Now I can't wait to see one in metal.. And I hope I will be able to get it... Thanks Martin! Sam

Amazing, got me drooling [nt]

 By: ronaldmkli : March 22nd, 2011-04:09
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thanks for the comments everyone! (nt)

 By: Martin Wilmsen : March 22nd, 2011-04:46

never get tired of looking at this BEAUTY

 By: Tony A.H : March 22nd, 2011-05:15

Just for killing us again !! ;) [nt]

 By: rogerw650 : October 16th, 2011-03:27
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Amazing photographs! Thanks / Rob. [nt]

 By: peregrino : October 16th, 2011-04:32
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