new find images

Jan 27, 2010,09:12 AM

Here are images

30.10ra 1

30.10ra 1

30.10ra 1

30.10ra 1

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It is a ...

 By: mac_omega : January 27th, 2010-13:45
Hi Brian, the pictures tell it all: ┬ámodel "Centenaire" ┬áChronometre from 1948, Ref. 2500 This ref# is not always found in the case back but it is ref 2500 without any doubt! Does it have the additional "JUB" ┬ábehind the 30.10 RA (found below the balance)... 


 By: tirewatcher : January 27th, 2010-23:31
Dear Erich, Many made my day!!!! Regards Brian

that is a very nice piece Brian.

 By: G99 : January 28th, 2010-05:24
does it have a laurel wreath engraved on the caseback? i was hoping you'd show a pic of it, but as you didnt i'm guessing it's a plain back. perhaps not all Centenaries had the Laurel Wreath on the back. Erich should be able to confirm this. best Graham

omega centenary

 By: tirewatcher : January 28th, 2010-07:13
Thanks your message. No wreath on back.. But I now can see that it has "JUB" written underneath balance, thanks Erich for the advice!! Regards Brian

There are more watches

 By: MSNWatch : January 28th, 2010-08:22
of ref. 2500 without the laurel leaf centenary inscription on the back than pieces that did have it. The ref. number 2500 is also typically engraved in the watches of later production - frequently those that had the cal. 333 instead of the cal. 30.10 JUB

interesting to know MSN. is there...

 By: G99 : January 28th, 2010-09:26
interesting to know MSN. is there any rhyme or reason to which had the engraving on or was it just random? best Graham

The ones with engraving

 By: MSNWatch : January 28th, 2010-14:45
that I've seen are usually for the South American market though I am not aware of whether the presence of the engraving was dictated by market considerations.

great found! thanks for sharing.

 By: FanFrancisco : January 28th, 2010-06:35

Truly, the most exquisite design from the vaults of vintage Omega . . .

 By: Dr No : January 28th, 2010-10:05
. . . and as close to perfect a formal watch can be . . . very, very nice. Cordially, Art

Congratulations on a great catch ..

 By: hans_jorgen_1968 : January 28th, 2010-20:55
... of a truly beautiful and gentlemen like watch. Thanks for sharing the pictures. For the rest of the bunch: Thanks for your thoughts and learning points Best Hans