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Oct 26, 2011,00:52 AM

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso 976 Ceniceros Edition
by Edmund Woo
photos: Dr. Ming Woo

The Duality of Art and the JLC Reverso: These two concepts started as an idea that turned into a unique match to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the iconic Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso and the grand opening of the Jaeger LeCoultre Boutique in Mexico City.  Under the direction of Mr. Jerome Lambert, CEO of Jaeger LeCoultre, a limited edition Reverso was created to commemorate these two events.  But what elements go into the mind of the designers and what considerations are made by the watchmakers?  It's always intriguing to learn more about the details and thoughts of creating a limited edition that are not revealed in press releases.

Although this Limited Edition
is slated to officially launch on November 17th during the grand opening gala of the Jaeger Le-Coultre Mexico City Boutique , Team PuristSPro was invited to a special preview of the JLC Grande Reverso 976 Ceniceros Edition.  The two pieces on display were pre-production prototypes but still gave us a good indication of the final timepieces.
The familiar atmosphere of the JLC Beverly Hills boutique provided a relaxed setting for our interview with the artist's son, 
Guillermo Ceniceros Jr. and hosted by Jim Koonts and Milan Asanovic to discuss this exciting new project:

(pictured Left: Guillermo Ceniceros Jr., Right: Jim Koonts)

PPro:   www.PuristSPro.com
GC:    Guillermo Ceniceros Jr.
JK:     Jim Koonts - Manager, Jaeger LeCoultre Beverly Hills Boutique
MA:    Milan Asanovic - Consultant/Project Manager

JK:  It's a pleasure to have the PuristS here and we're very excited about revealing the prototype exclusively to the PuristSPro forum!  The Reverso just came in and I've had a chance to examine it, I think you will really appreciate what went into this amazing piece.

PPro:  Thank you Jim!  We’re excited to hear about these prototype special pieces that you are unveiling to the local L.A. PuristS tonight.  Guillermo, can you tell me about the inspiration for the project?

GC:  Well there are two ideas here.  One is that the idea of the actual project came about from the leadership  of Jerome Lambert and he envisioned something creative and unique for the 80th anniversary of the Reverso and opening of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutique in Mexico.  As that I’m from Mexico, I spoke to him and about my father, Maestro Guillermo Ceniceros Sr, and the work that he does.  So Jerome Lambert was interested in my father’s work and we send Mr. Lambert some pictures of his work.  Jerome said he was going to be in Mexico City and that he wanted to meet and see my father’s studio.  Thus he went with a group and got acquainted with my father.   While there, he was instantly attracted to this one piece and in his mind saw the possibilities of something special.  Right then and there he knew that this was a piece that we can integrated  on the back of a Reverso.   And that’s how it all started, Mr. Lambert saw it for the beautiful aesthetic contribution.

PPro:  So JLC wanted to incorporate your father’s art for this, why did your father want to collaborate with JLC?

GC:  The inspiration is the design of the Reverso itself.   He felt it for his vision and this was the most beautiful and perfect ‘canvas’ for his vision.  The fact that you can reverse it on the other side to see the art is special.

PPro:  There are quite a few limited edition watches out on the market, what makes this one so special or unique, appealing to a PuristS?

GC:  Yes, this a great question.  There are a number of things that are unique with the JLC Ceniceros Edition Reverso.  Firstly it is a collaboration with a well respected artist.  Secondly, it’s just not any piece of art, the artwork that was selected for this piece matches the concept of the Reverso.  The concept of the watch is ‘Duality’.  The concept of the art, which prevails in the work of Guillermo Ceniceros Sr., is also of ‘Duality’.  With the Reverso, you have the duality of time...precision on one side and stoppage on the other.  With my father’s work, it's the duality of human forms.  My father works a lot with geometry, especially the human geometrics.  The human body is very geometric but the human body is also human.  It has two sides, one side is almost a mathematical side and the other is who we are, it’s almost mysterious.
  My father always represents this in his art, which is not anecdotal but more conceptual art so the concept here for my father is the DUALITY of humanity represented by the two faces, so the concept of both duality is a wonderful match and makes it so unique.  I feel the piece is elevated to an atemporal level, it works in harmony as a whole instead of separate components.

PPro:  Can you tell me about the inspiration for these particular pieces?

GC:   The presence of Duality in the artwork is in finding the composition, positive and negative space, light and dark, noise and sound, etc… and for something to be told in an art concept you these elements present.  In this, what is the magic?  The magic is in the human form, the shapes that are placed.  In both pieces you have two faces, in one you have mystery because there are little characters lifting the face from one over another  one, which represents the duality.   The inspiration draws from his background as a muralist, painter, sculpture.  In this case, there’s not a more personal canvas than what’s found in a watch.  So, how his work can fit in the most personal ‘canvas’ for someone to wear and then have that be married into one concept, which fuse the relationship between the wearer of the watch and the art.  

PPro:  What type of techniques were used for the enamel and engraving?

GC:  One is a enamel the other is a deep free form engraving by the artisans of Grand
Maison.  There’s a lot of depth and volume to the hand engraving, we were really pleasantly surprised at the about of detail that was revealed by the pieces.  The other is a fired and polished enamel  and the interplay of negative space between the faces and the stainless steel case was perfect.  When we take a look at the piece, it has a beautiful depth to it, it looks 3 dimensional and comes to life in a very powerful way.  JLC does all the finishing and i t was conceived extremely well.

With the with the enamel and engraving process,  the manufacture was extremely respectful of the artist and in producing something that really do justice to the original artwork.  They accomplished that with traditional methods and were able to come out with what we have here.  If you examine the pieces, the colors of the enamel is based on the original lithograph artwork.

MA: As with this project storyline the design evolution was all about the organic melding of the best elements from the Manufacture..... the 'canvas' of iconic Reverso with the engraving expertise & capabilities by the Maison, with that of Meastro Ceniceros which is his iconic designs of women & duality of faces.  The same was done by designing the appropriate dial to unify these elements by purposely selecting a non-matching vintage tinted luminova dial combined with iconic sword hands which is a retro design element from the times past and very dear to both storied history of Reverso as well the artist himself.  Little understated details throughout the selection of design were what mattered most, following the that true idiom of less is more.     

PPro:  How many hours of work were put into the Ceniceros Edition Reverso by the engravers?

GC:  From what I understand, each piece takes about a week to engrave.  It’s precise and detailed work that is very labor intensive.

(pictured on the Left is Maestro Guillermo Ceniceros at a JLC event in Mexico City)

PPro:  Please tell us about the man behind the art, your father Mr. Guillermo Ceniceros Sr.

GC:  My father has always been an artist!  This is what he always wanted to do and passionate about since he was a young boy.  He began painting at an early age and then went to school in Mexico to do just that.  He has remained faithful in that line of work his entire life,  he’s now 72.

PPro:  Does your father have a  background with watches?  Does he collect?  Which brands does he respect the most?

GC:   My father loves watches and always been around watches.  Many fans of his artwork are also enjoyed watches.  Sometimes they would exchange watches for paintings so he always had watches around.  He has a variety of brands and as a matter of fact, one of the pieces he prides himself with is a Jaeger Le-Coultre!  It’s a Master Ultra-Thin vintage piece and he loves it!  It’s simple yet elegant, he feels that there’s  a beauty in it’s simplicity and he respects that the MUT accomplishes this in an elegant way.  

PPro:  Let’s go over the watch aspect.  How did you decide on the functions for this piece?

GC:  We wanted for the art to convey something timeless, you can say for eternity.  So we wanted the watch to feel that way as well.  We worked with the project leaders and accomplished this goal with the final design.   A highlight on the two pieces that JLC fans will appreciate is the luminous aspect of the numerals on the dial, which is in a vintage color.  The hands that were selected are stunning sword hands also in a vintage color.  The piece works as a whole.  We didn’t want this to look like a contemporary piece because the art is really temporal and transcends time.  As it celebrates the 80 years of the Reverso with the opening of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Mexico botuique, it respects and honors both.

PPro:  The JLC Ceniceros Edition Reverso is offered in Stainless Steel and in Rose Gold.  Are there any particular reasons for this?

GC:  Yes the JLC Ceniceros Edition will be crafted in stainless steel and rose gold.  There will be 50 pieces created for the Boutiques  in stainless steel, and 10 pieces available for the rose gold.  These materials were chosen since they integrated well with the overall concept.  As you can see with the prototype pieces, the rose gold is a excellent material for engraving, it allows for a rich depth to really bring out the art, and the stainless steel is also a wonderful contrasting color to the striking work of the enamel.

The Grande Reverso 976 Guillermo Ceniceros Special Edition is created for the Jaeger-LeCoultre Mexico City Boutique, and will be the first Mexico City boutique edition of it's kind. Since this special edition holds a place in the hearts of our friends in the United States we have arranged a very exclusive preview opportunity for the PuristS. To help us honor Guillermo and his father, the Maestro, we have arranged that orders available and delivered for us thru the Beverly Hills Boutique.  

PPro:  Any final words or thoughts that you can share with us?

MA: This unique Grand Reverso Special Edition also includes the art that inspired its creation. With each watch the Guillermo Ceniceros “Setenta Anos” book, which chronicles the work of this living legend,  a Special Edition brochure about this wonderful project, and lastly a signed and numbered lithograph displaying the concept art that was used for the engraving of each piece.

GC:  Certainly!   We feel that this is a unique opportunity  to celebrate the global anniversary of Reverso, celebrate  Mexico, and to celebrate the arts.  And I think the watch enthusiast, not just in Mexico but around the world,  are going to be excited to see art forum in it’s full concepetual potential  in it’s holistic way.  The art marries the concept of the watch and becomes into a whole and unique synergy. 

PPro:  Thank you gentleman for the prototype preview and much success to the new boutique in Mexico City!

(pictured:  Guillermo Ceniceros Jr. detailing the features of the Ceniceros Reverso to the guests)

Press photos of Maestro Ceniceros in Mexico City

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Thank you for this marvelous preview!

 By: BluNotte : October 26th, 2011-02:17
I find myself gravitating towards this piece very much, especially the SS version! So, let me clarify this, but this is available ONLY in the boutiques in Mexico and the US, and not in the asian boutiques? Cheers! Stephen

Some additional information regarding availability

 By: ED209 : October 26th, 2011-19:03
Hi BluNotte, Both pieces are really nice and to me it looks totally different in each metal. These are available via the JLC Boutiques only, however in the United States the JLC Beverly Hills Boutique is the only place to purchase one. Thanks for reading ... 

I see, thanks for the info!

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And it is i who must thank you for writing up such a beautiful and delightful post! It's not everyday that we get art on the wrist watches! Cheers Stephen

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Rough pricing?

 By: cazalea : October 26th, 2011-21:39
Hi Ed, I really like the stainless version. Did JLC discuss list prices? Thanks Mike

How about exact pricing?

 By: ED209 : October 26th, 2011-23:39
Hi Mike, Retail prices for the JLC Grande Reverso 976 Ceniceros Special Edition: Stainless steel: $8,950.00 USD Rose Gold: $18,750.00 USD Best to call the JLC Beverly Hills Boutique and get your name on the list. Good luck and hope to see one on your wris... 

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Absolutely wonderful...

 By: Mr.Gatsby : October 26th, 2011-05:01
Ed and Ming, thank you both for the post and pictures... My hearfelt congratulations to the Ceniceros family and also hats off to those that brought this project into fruition. Can't say it any better than Nicolas and Asi who already did, but this collabo... 

I knew you'd like it!

 By: ED209 : October 26th, 2011-19:06
Hi Gabriel, Thanks for the compliments, glad to hear you enjoyed the interview and DRMW did a really nice job with the pics. Which one do you like better, the SS or the RG version? Regards, ED-209

Ed, I am torn in between both to be honest

 By: Mr.Gatsby : October 27th, 2011-04:49
Have not seen them in the flesh, but if these pictures are true to my eyes, then I must say the rose gold version caught my eye initially because of how warm the dial looked as encased by the rose gold case. The etchings on its caseback exudes a sense of ... 

I like your thinking....

 By: ED209 : October 27th, 2011-19:05
Get both! Regards, ED-209

well said Mr. Gatsby

 By: DRMW : October 26th, 2011-20:17
It was fascinating to hear the story straight from Guillermo Cenecieros Jr. on how this came to be and for sharing the details of his father's work. Congrats to Maestro Ceniceros and the JLC boutique in Mexico City! -MW

Thank you Dr. Woo :- )

 By: Mr.Gatsby : October 27th, 2011-04:52
Gotta agree with you.....great to have heard the story straight from my amigo, Guillermo. And that Milan, such a class act !!

=) [nt]

 By: DRMW : October 27th, 2011-16:32
No message body

Fantastic coverage of two great SEs..

 By: ocwatching : October 26th, 2011-08:59
I love love love the theme of Duality and I like how JLC's Reverso and Maestro Guillermo Ceniceros Sr's effective use of that theme in his work! Congratulations to the Ceniceros Family for this fantastic collaboration! Looks like I missed out on a very sp... 

It is a good match...

 By: ED209 : October 26th, 2011-19:08
Hi ocwatching, Glad you enjoyed the coverage. Which do you like better, the SS or the RG version? Regards, ED-209 This message has been edited by ED209 on 2011-10-26 19:10:27

Hey ED-209

 By: ocwatching : October 27th, 2011-08:24
stop doing the enabling!!! I do have to say, the art on the back of the SS spoke to me more..

Who me?

 By: ED209 : October 27th, 2011-19:04
I blame it on the other guy who looks like me LOL Regards, ED-209

:) [nt]

 By: DRMW : October 26th, 2011-20:14
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outstanding post by twin bros...

 By: Stefan : October 28th, 2011-09:46
... thanks for such great report to make the watch standing out by very well written texts and well-captured photos. hope to see this beautiful watch soon. stefan

Thanks Stefan

 By: ED209 : October 29th, 2011-14:00
Hi Stefan, Thanks for checking out the post and thanks for the compliments. Regards, ED-209

Great post, Ed! Well done and thanks. [nt]

 By: Davo : October 29th, 2011-03:12
No message body

You're welcome Davo

 By: ED209 : October 29th, 2011-14:00
Glad to hear you enjoyed the post. Regards, ED-209

This article is much better, much more interesting than any Press File.

 By: amanico : October 26th, 2011-01:35
I will try to stay objective, which is difficult for me, as Guille and Milan are old friends. Honestly, the Reverso 976 was a nice watch, the " 976 Ceniceros " is a very nice watch. I was not really impressed by the sapphire case back of the 976, when it ... 

Congrats to JLC and the Ceniceros family

 By: ED209 : October 26th, 2011-19:09
Hi Nicholas, I absolutely agree with you that this was a great collaboration and nicely done. I like both versions but if I had to choose I'd go for the RG version because I like the artwork. Regards, ED-209

Fantastic post, respect!

 By: Asimut : October 26th, 2011-02:49
I think the concept of a collaboration between a distinguished artist and JLC is successful when there is a true meaning and passion that connects the actual artwork with the idea of the timepiece. This being the case here, I salute and congratulate the r... 

Thanks Asimut

 By: ED209 : October 26th, 2011-19:11
Thanks for reading this report and for your comments. Which version do you like better? Regards, ED-209

I tried to walk around that one

 By: Asimut : October 27th, 2011-04:14
but in all fairness, I'm not a huge Reverso fan and the ones I do like cost like a small island ;-) Best Asi

Nice Reverso, interesting review.

 By: VMM : October 26th, 2011-03:30
Thanks for sharing. Vte

re: Nice

 By: DRMW : October 26th, 2011-20:12
Appreciat you looking, hope you get to see one in person! -MW


 By: sancerre : October 26th, 2011-09:46
JLC keeps coming out with more and more watches that are (nearly) irresistible. Thanks for the great report. --Sancerre

re: Fantastic

 By: DRMW : October 26th, 2011-20:14
Agree with you 100%, JLC has been hitting homeruns this season. It's great to see such an inspiring collaboration that has a deep meaning behind it. -MW

Wonderful collaboration

 By: mirador : October 26th, 2011-21:56
This partnership is just so right on many different levels, congratulations on JLC for being so visionary and creative, and special consideration must go to Maestro Ceniceros for his inspiring creativity, and being open to such a collaboration. And let's ... 

One of the important features of this piece was......

 By: DRMW : October 27th, 2011-16:36
Hello mirador! One of the highlights of the Ceniceros edition was that Guillermo jr. was particular of the shade of the lume color. They wanted the color to be cohesive with the enamel and engraving and with the vintage look pay tribute to the past 80 yea... 


 By: LED ZEP : October 27th, 2011-00:00
Calling Jim tomorrow ... Congratulations to Maestro Ceniceros & JLC! hml

re: Fantastic!

 By: DRMW : October 27th, 2011-16:38
Cool! Have you decided on which variant to get? Let us know when you get it and congrats in advance! -MW

Deposit paid!

 By: LED ZEP : October 28th, 2011-00:00
The SS version for me! Can't wait! hml

Great choice LedZep

 By: ED209 : October 29th, 2011-13:59
Can't wait to see one on your wrist. Regards, ED-209

A tremendous honor

 By: Guille : October 27th, 2011-08:52
A tremendous honor to receive this coverage on the PuristSPro. Ming and Ed thank you so much for the interest in the project and for the insight to ask the questions that present a view that goes much farther than the release. Very thankful to you both sp... 

And thank you as well

 By: ED209 : October 27th, 2011-19:06
Thanks for your time Guillermo for providing the details and background. I've enjoyed learning about how this project developed and really happy to see the final results. Regards, ED-209

You want to laugh?

 By: amanico : October 27th, 2011-22:27
I heard a few months ago that such a project was in the pipeline... I've been told that a certain Guillermo Ceniceros was working on a special Reverso... Ceniceros, that was a name which sounded familiar to my ears... After a while, I was focusing my gues... 


 By: PoyFR : October 29th, 2011-20:22
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And not ncecessarily in this order. :))) [nt]

 By: amanico : October 30th, 2011-10:49
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 By: PoyFR : October 29th, 2011-20:18
Kudos to Edmund WOO & Dr. Ming WOO for such a simple yet perfectly detailed presentation and interview. I applaud both Sr.& Jn.CENICEROS for sharing and making available a significant part of their family patrimony to all of us. My admiration and apprecia... 

re: Kudos

 By: DRMW : October 30th, 2011-00:40
Thanks you for looking, glad you enjoyed the interview! -MW

Well compare to Guillermo you can only be an half Tuco...

 By: PoyFR : October 30th, 2011-13:05
He is from Tuco's mother land, the real McCoy.