IWC Portofino 2011 Unveiling in Singapore

Mar 22, 2011,01:09 AM

Last week, IWC South East Asia unveiled the Portofino 2011 debuted during the recent SIHH at a media event, held in one of the three premium cinemas in Singapore, GV Gold Class Vivocity.

Inside the cinema ...

Mr Goris Verburg, General Manager of IWC South East Asia, introduced  various of models of the Portofino 2011 and highlighted some of the key-features.  Following, the press-members were transported back in time with a film, the making of the "Days In Portofino" with famous photographer - Peter Lindbergh for a taste of Italy in 1960s.

Next a touch and feel session of the Portofino pieces.

Below are the snapshots of the Portofino 2011 ...

Starting with the handwound Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days (Ref. 5101) ...

Steel case of diameter 45mm by 12mm thick with water resistance rating of 3 Bar,  housing the new movement Cal 59210 with a power reserve of 192 hours / 8 days.

Simple clean and balance dial layout  with a clear power reserve and date indicator.
Fortunately this is a prototype, the printed digits for the date does not seem to be level.

Small-second at 6H.

Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coatings.  For this silver-plated dial, rose-gold plated indexes and feuille hands are applied.
Roman XII indicating 12H is used, just like the 1988 Portofino  Ref. 2532.

Though at sizeable 45mm, Portofino Hand-Wound 8 Days, wears well on my small wrist.  The flowing horns helped.

A view from the caseback ...

Just feel that the pin buckle is a bit too petite for this masculine piece.  However it is relevant, if the intention is to stay true to the 1960s.

Hope by now, you noticed the orange inner of the beautifully patina leather straps.

To add another dose of Italian dolce vita, the straps are exclusively made by the renowned Italian shoemakers, Santoni, for IWC.  Not surprising as Giuseppe Santoni, the second generation of his family to run the company, has been a fan and collector of IWC watches for many years. 

Santoni applies the same laborious tanning processes that give some of their elegant men’s shoes a slight patina before they even leave the workshop, making brand-new leather look as if it has already been lovingly cared for, over a period of several years.  Understand to achieve the above patina, the colouring operation was repeated nine times!  After that, the orange leather lining is also applied, typical of Santoni products.

The Cal 59210 is a newly designed IWC-manufactured movement, the size of a pocket watch movement at diameter 37.8mm.

A few did not like it as most of the components are covered by the two bridges.

However, the intention of this base movement is important.  It is redesigned for to be more robust and enable more efficient assembly and servicing, to anticipate the potential high demand from China.   Besides, the base calibre  with such a powerful power reserve will also serve as a solid foundation movement for future add-on of more complicated modules.

The large bridges were decorated with "Geneve Stripes".  One of the bridges was engraved with the “Probus Scafusia” insignia, reminding the “Good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen”. The platine was also finished with circular graining.

Spoting a free sprung balance with four adjustable screws and Breguet overcoil, beating at 4Hz  for improved accuracy. Movement is also
adjusted to 5 positions.

To ensure consistent time-keeping, this movement has a gear designed in to stop the movement after precisely 192 hours (8 days) before all the tension in the spring exhausted. 

Not sure if the braking lever near the balance wheel is used for the above feature and the hacking feature.

Next is the Portofino Dual Time Ref 3610 ...

Photographed both the steel and rose gold case.

Watch for the globetrotters with home timekeeping at the  24-hour subdial while the local time being tracked by the main hour and minute hands.

Above is the 45mm steel case and black dial. 

All time adjustments are done with this single signed crown.

18K Rose gold case with black dial. 
Superb clarity with double-antireflective on sapphire which also contributes to the bluish dial colour.

Dial design is balance, but the cut-off Roman numerals are just odd....

The dual time subdial is divided into two zones to represent day and night.  
The darker shaded zone was printed over with a texture ink to strangely representing Day from 6H to 18H.

Open caseback, containing the newly designed automatic Calibre 64710 (Diameter 30mm X 6.15mm height) with bidirectional pawl-winding system, which is manufactured exclusively for IWC by MHVF (Manufacture Horlogère ValFleurier). 
Double barrel achieving 72 hours power reserve and beating at 4 Hz.

This model also adorned a pin buckle and  the (really) nice Santoni straps !

Continuing with the Portofino Chronograph Ref 3910 ...

Steel case at 42mm diameter with black dial housing an automatic movement ..

With silver dial ...

Retro fitted with Milananise bracelet. 

A short note from the press release of IWC for the Milanese bracelet -

".... a Milanese mesh bracelet like the ones so popular in the 1960s. As the name suggests, they were invented in Milan and are thus the perfect complement to watches that exude Italian lifestyle. A Milanese bracelet is robust and made of tightly woven wire mesh, which fits snugly and comfortably around the wrist. At  one time, these bracelets were soldered directly onto the case, but in 2011, the year of the Portofino, the Milanese mesh bracelets as well as the fine leather straps are secured to the watch with spring bars. The Milanese mesh bracelets, incidentally, are available in three different lengths and can be adjusted to the width of the wearer’s wrist in five-millimetre stages, guaranteeing a perfect fit."

A side by side ...

The Milanese bracelet somehow gives the Portofino Chronograph a different character and look nicer than with straps ...

Next another model which also has the Milanese bracelet option - Portofino Automatic Ref 3565 ....

Steel case, diameter is 40mm by 9.5mm height, simple elegant three-hand powered by an automatic movement.

Some close pics of the Milanese mesh bracelet ...

Spring-bars securing the Milanese bracelet to the lugs....

Both the Portofino Chronograph and Automatic are with solid casebacks. 

Among all the pieces, the Hand-wound Portofino 8-Day is attractive, perhaps it reminded me of the L.U.C Quattro.  Absolutely a pleasure to wind it on every Sunday evening with a drink to charge it up for the week ahead.

Which piece attracts you most?


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IWC Portofino 2011 Unveiling in Singapore

 By: Kong : March 22nd, 2011-01:09
Last week, IWC South East Asia unveiled the Portofino 2011 debuted during the recent SIHH at a media event, held in one of the three premium cinemas in Singapore, GV Gold Class Vivocity. Inside the cinema ... Mr Goris Verburg, General Manager of IWC South...

Rose gold with Black Dial. The Santoni strap may be in direct competition with the watch

 By: patrickmaniac : March 22nd, 2011-01:13
for attention. Lovely strap indeed. Thank you Kong for the pics. cheers PAt

Indeed the straps ...

 By: Kong : March 22nd, 2011-08:21
by Santoni are very attractive. Perhaps needs to complete with similar shades of leather belt and shoes Thanks for viewing PAt. Kong

thanks, nice photos. it is great to see new movement. [nt]

 By: chronomtr : March 22nd, 2011-07:24
No message body

Two new movements ...

 By: Kong : March 22nd, 2011-08:24
Hi Chronomtr Besides the 8-day hand wound, the automatic Dual Time movement is also new. Which one do you prefer? Thanks for viewing. Kong

that strap looks divine...

 By: ocwatching : March 22nd, 2011-07:31
and the handwond Portofino is pretty sweet, I need to check one out locally at the Boutique.. Thanks for sharing..

Look at the watch please :-)

 By: Kong : March 22nd, 2011-08:37
Just read your "seminar day", stunning vintage. Check it out, a good combo. Still wondering how much are the straps though Thanks for viewing. Kong

Step away from the strap

 By: MTF : March 22nd, 2011-08:45
Look away from the light and step away from the strap! Easy can do it.....just keep looking at the watch There there.....we got you. Regards, MTF


 By: ocwatching : March 22nd, 2011-08:52
how about...I liked the handwound Port since release and the strap is just cherry on top! BIG Cherry... (this coming from a strap nut PAM guy ok?) LOL

Well, the movement of the 8 days, with the dial of the last.

 By: amanico : March 22nd, 2011-08:51
The PR Indicator ruins the balance of the dial, in my opinion... I much prefer the simpler dial, more in adequation with the simple and leelgant lines of the case. Best, Nicolas

I don t know how you keep on doing this....

 By: moc : March 22nd, 2011-15:35
I was looking at the wonderful report and thinking........good 8 days movement...umbalanced dial...PR puts everything off...Oh will look good on the Chrono..oh wait maybe even better on that last portofino ...maybe with the beautiful milanese st...

Looking forward ...

 By: Kong : March 23rd, 2011-21:51
Hi Mo I hope you are chiding me. See what they will do next then. Indeed the straps get lots of attention Kong


 By: Kong : March 23rd, 2011-21:29
Hey Nico Thanks for the input. Perhaps they could consider putting the PR at the back Kong

I love the eight days

 By: SamEE : March 22nd, 2011-10:07
The best portifino is definatley the eight days hand wound . I really like the santoni strap, you can see the quality even in the Pics. My only complaint is that the bridges cover too much of the movement in the caseback. But since you said that they did ...

Glad the info ...

 By: Kong : March 23rd, 2011-22:02
helped, SamEE. A base movement is very important, from there it is the platform to scale upward. Just like L.U.C, they created the base Cal 1.98 (in 1998 with 9 days PR) which was used to create their instantaneous perpetual calender and also their tourbi...

Wow kong

 By: SamEE : March 24th, 2011-19:05
Thanks for that info. I just started liking watches about a year ago, so every piece of info is appreciated. I did not know about base movements. I am waiting for the portifino to reach a retailer near me. I think the eight days is going to be my first se...

Geat pictures

 By: icyremy : March 22nd, 2011-10:19
Thank you sir. Your pictures are very nice, clear, and sharp. Now I myself are in love with German watches.

Thanks, and which ...

 By: Kong : March 23rd, 2011-22:11
German watches, Icyremy Which manufactures? Thanks for the kind words. Kong

Good stuff!

 By: Davo : March 22nd, 2011-13:44
The 8 Days is my pick. What a beaut.

Hope you and family ...

 By: Kong : March 23rd, 2011-22:18
are alright Davo. Take good care, and thanks for viewing. Kong

Nice but...

 By: Mostel : March 22nd, 2011-18:00
what about these designs holds any IWC DNA? I like them, they're a million times nicer than the outgoing models, but how are these IWC's?

As Liz Lemon would say, "Blerg."

 By: dxboon : March 22nd, 2011-22:58
Why is most of this collection so large? 45mm just seems excessive for this type of timepiece. Only the 40mm ref. 3565 hits all the right notes for me: nicely sized, clean dial, solid caseback (I do not like the look of the new handwind 8-days or the auto...

Agree need for 45!

 By: moc : March 23rd, 2011-01:11
Very few manage to keep proportions after 42 43 mm.Especially for this kind of "revival" watches I think the big current size misses the point a bit. Mo

I have...

 By: dxboon : March 24th, 2011-07:10
...told Kong I will wait to see them in the flesh before passing final judgment, but I am NOT swayed in favor of the new look at the moment! You have great taste, Mo! Cheers, Daos

Applause Daos!

 By: anaesdoc : March 23rd, 2011-02:30
I fully consent all your comments, most pieces way too large to suit the classic Portofino line! The leather straps are magnificent, as others said earlier. Compliments to Santoni! Kind regards, anaesdoc

Oh, yes...

 By: dxboon : March 24th, 2011-07:08
...I am enjoying the straps very much! Particularly the little burst of color on the underside! Thanks for the kind message! Cheers, Daos

It's not that 'lemon' ...

 By: Kong : March 23rd, 2011-21:16
after all, if you could view and try on. I've nobody to grab some reference wristshots. The 'thin bezel' also made the watch looks bigger, I do wish that it is at 42mm too for the 8-day. Now back to the question, why it is so large ... I guess the case to...

I'll give them a second...

 By: dxboon : March 24th, 2011-07:05
...look based on your comments, Kong! I understand the new caliber is large and there may be future complications in store for the line, but I still regret that the watches seem a bit overdone. To be seen in the flesh! Cheers, Daos

any news

 By: xinxin : May 3rd, 2011-00:35
on the pricing in singapore? I was able to see the watches up close here in the Las Vegas AD & the Portofino Auto was being offered at US$4.5K after taxes. thanks, M