Tempus 2007 Reporting

Sep 04, 2007,11:13 AM

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4 Sept 2007, Singapore time : 19:00

Men at work ... rushing...another 15 hours to go....

Registration Booth
Registration Booth

Registration Counter
Registration Counter

After registration, walking towards the main hall, greeted by Junod's Automaton Bird
After registration, walking towards the main hall, greeted by Francois Junod's Automaton Bird

Another Junod's creation
Another Junod's creation

Another Junod's Automaton
Another Junod's Automaton

Closer View...
Closer View...

Pass by the Tempus Signboard
Pass by the Tempus Signboard

Oh...the entrance to the main hall...
Oh...the entrance to the main foyer..

A direct view
A direct view

Before entering the hall, turnaround to take a look...
Before entering the main foyer, turnaround, to take a look...

Greeted by the Federation Horlogere Suisse..first booth to be ready!
Greeted by the Federation Horlogere Suisse..first booth to be ready!

The Main Foyer before the exhinition hall...
The Main Foyer before the exhibition hall...

Going nearer to the Exhinbition Hall entrance... so much work still need to be done...
Going nearer to the Exhinbition Hall entrance... so much work still need to be done...

Now a peek into the exhibition hall..Oh! Many will stay behind to turnaround the place...
Now a peek into the exhibition hall..Oh! Many will stay behind to turnaround the place...

.....to be continued tomorrow......
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A Floor Plan for reference

 By: Kong : September 4th, 2007-12:24

Kinda familiar face?

 By: MTF : September 4th, 2007-18:46

First Day of Tempus @ 15:30...

 By: Kong : September 5th, 2007-12:33
The action begins... Up the escalator to the Tempus Greeted by the Signages of the Brands exhibiting Reception Counter Filling in the registration form Exchange the pass... The Pass..... to entry, talks and light refreshment. The Signage Along the way.......  

IKEPOD Booth.... exciting watches...

 By: Kong : September 5th, 2007-13:25
Showcasing the new IKEPOD by Marc Newson...watches for the daring individuals who have preference for avant-garde pieces. The design focused on simplicity, clean line, and 3D look. It does not have lugs, the IKEPOD case and band (strap) join together in a...  

Chopard Booth

 By: Kong : September 5th, 2007-13:27

JD Booth

 By: Kong : September 5th, 2007-14:31
Jimmy, the fun Salesperson from THG-Millenia The showcases Jimmy & Genii Koh -JD's Brand Manager - Singapore & Malaysia Genii & Dolly...  

Thanks Kong - Panerai booth?

 By: Bill : September 5th, 2007-16:38
So much to see sooooo little time. Thank you Kong. Bill

Thank you Thank you. Thank you Kong.

 By: Bill : September 5th, 2007-22:31
I am lost with all the new model numbers. Thanks again. Bill

Anyone Interested in Clocks? I know both do...

 By: Kong : September 5th, 2007-21:46
Make a guess who are these 2 persons? The clocks on display are from our local collector & restorer, Mr Mun Chor Weng. Only 42 pieces were selected from his large collection of 300 due to space constraint. Mr. Mun, a retired school-teacher and also the Ch...  

Clocks - The JLC Atmos has always been ...

 By: Bill : September 5th, 2007-22:35
What can I say a marvel by every stretch. My uncle has had one since the 60's. The thing works a a simple change of temperature. Something like 1 or 2 degrees change during the day is enough to wind it up for 24 hours. Now that's cutting edge stuff. made ... 

Another Clock - A 150th Anniversary JLC Atmos

 By: Kong : September 6th, 2007-08:25
Hey Bill....a JLC Anniversary Clock......  

Very Nice Thanks kong. What's next. [nt]

 By: Bill : September 6th, 2007-19:58
No message body

Glashutte Original Booth

 By: Kong : September 6th, 2007-10:59

Tempus GO German Watchmaking Class / Workshop

 By: Kong : September 6th, 2007-14:01
It could be the first time, GO has done this GO German Watchmaking class. The duration of the course is 1.5 hours. The objective is to let clients & prospects have hands-on experience and feel the difficulty of just 3 processes out of many, so that th...  

Thanks so much, Kong, for bringing us this report . . .

 By: Dr No : September 7th, 2007-01:03
. . . it's much appreciated . . . cordially, Art

JLC Booth & EL...

 By: Kong : September 7th, 2007-11:02

Omega Booth

 By: Kong : September 7th, 2007-11:07

Please, Kong, I have little resistance as it is for the 50th anniversary . . .

 By: Dr No : September 8th, 2007-09:32
. . . Speedmasters . . . your photos are creating temptation that must be suppressed. I'll be turning 50 in a month, and the thought of indulging myself with this most appropriate present had been banished until just now. Compulsively, Art

Ha...Art, hmmm...got it... the remedy is...

 By: Kong : September 8th, 2007-10:25
think about tubes.... Kong

Better yet . . .

 By: Dr No : September 8th, 2007-16:01

Breguet Booth

 By: Kong : September 7th, 2007-11:15
Strangely, heard some men are asking for a Man's version for the Reine de Naples collection!...  

Hi Kong, Thanks for

 By: justpen : September 8th, 2007-03:23
Hi Kong, You must be in tick tock heaven, and thanks for the photos of the Breguet booth....Tell me did they not have any of their classic collection on display. Also did you hear any news on when their next shipment is coming to S.E. Asia? Kindest regard... 

UN Booth ( Exciting Concept Piece)

 By: Kong : September 7th, 2007-11:39

some stunning pieces

 By: Forza AIK : September 8th, 2007-09:46
Any details on the maxi marine chrono that i havent seen before? The super freak realyis a stunning one aswell

Bulgari: Guilloché not by engine-turning, but by HUMAN!

 By: Kong : September 7th, 2007-12:03
The Bvlgari engraver....live demonstration... The Just hand-engraved piece...note those precise intricate patterns Note the case sweeping profile Demonstrating live how he did it ... Kong This message has been edited by MTF on 2007-09-10 12:42:24...  

Any pictures of the AHCI watches?

 By: Allen : September 7th, 2007-19:16
Thanks so much for the pictures, Kong!

Coming soon >>

 By: MTF : September 7th, 2007-20:16

AHCI - Part 1 (Partial)

 By: Kong : September 8th, 2007-13:25
Hi Allen You are most welcome. As MTF mentioned, it's not easy to locate them.... just a few pics ... MB&F HM Kari Voutilainen John McGonigle A Tourbillon The uniqueness of the case : it has a slight oval shape. Back of the main-plate was engraved by thei...  


 By: MTF : September 9th, 2007-10:55
John McGonigle Max Busser & Friends MBF-1 Another mechanical improvement (4th version) by Volker Vyskocil that delays delivery Not to mention version 3 of the dial making process. Vianney Halter expounding on Quantum Horology again while Kari takes a rest...  

Patek Philippe Booth

 By: Kong : September 8th, 2007-08:37
Some models for the Ladies......  

Patek - Special Items

 By: Kong : September 8th, 2007-09:00

IWC Booth

 By: Kong : September 8th, 2007-09:14

IWC Booth

 By: Kursman : October 14th, 2007-20:00
Many thanks for sharing. Looks like quite an exciting event and place to be. Matt

More than just a clock....

 By: Kong : September 8th, 2007-11:58

Brequet Booth 2 - Showcase Pieces

 By: Kong : September 9th, 2007-07:39

Alain Silberstein Booth

 By: Kong : September 9th, 2007-09:42
Alain Silbertein was a Parisian interior architect and designer. He began as a watch-architect and started his company at the end of the 80's. In his workshop on the banks of the Doubs river, Alain with his team of 6 watchmakers and 15 assistants, creates...  

Tini wini mousy

 By: cen@jkt : September 9th, 2007-10:01
So i guess there are 2 mice to catch this year. GG and AS. thanx for the pics, they refreshed my memory and brought tears to my eyes. i don't want the show to end

A little rat told me >>

 By: MTF : September 9th, 2007-22:36

More Silberstein

 By: MTF : September 9th, 2007-10:40

Gerald Genta Booth

 By: Kong : September 9th, 2007-10:52
Models showcased : One of the new models Limited edition 150 pcs - 'Sailor' The highlight of Tempus - Gefica. Aging gracefully with light oxidation. Titanium deployant buckle A wristshot on a Lady's hand Alternative dial...  

Less is More at Gerald Genta

 By: MTF : September 9th, 2007-13:28
GG Booth tried for the hip, sexy look with hot red and faux fur interior Look at the Geficas Look at the Geficas Prototypes not for sale yet! This message has been edited by MTF on 2007-09-09 13:29:05...  

some guys have all the luck

 By: cen@jkt : September 9th, 2007-20:58

I see you are in the trenches

 By: Bill : September 9th, 2007-21:27
MTF, Thanks for nothing. Can we have a few more pics I am not sure I was able to actually fully appreciates the watches. Bill

Harry Winston Booth

 By: Kong : September 9th, 2007-12:06

Daniel Roth Booth

 By: Kong : September 9th, 2007-12:25
Above: Discontinued model from the Daniel Roth museum - Perpetual Calendar with Moonphase (shown below with diamond-set bezel) Above: The current Perpetual Calendar with Moonphase Above: Another discontinued model - automatic Perpetual Calendar with tourb...  

Thanks Kong!

 By: SJX : September 10th, 2007-10:19
I reproduced your post on the DR forum. - SJX This message has been edited by SJX on 2007-09-10 10:27:32

Great JX....thanks. [nt]

 By: Kong : September 10th, 2007-10:31

AHCI Pavillion Part 2

 By: Kong : September 9th, 2007-13:24
This message has been edited by Kong on 2007-09-09 21:28:04...  

encore! encore!

 By: cen@jkt : September 9th, 2007-23:26

H.Moser & Cie Booth

 By: Kong : September 9th, 2007-13:37

Maurice Lacroix Booth

 By: Kong : September 9th, 2007-13:49

Anyone like mechanical music boxes?

 By: Kong : September 10th, 2007-11:42
We are talking about Reuge, high-end mechanical music boxes manufacturer. The company was created in 1865, and has since been the market leader from conceptualisation to fabrication of the music boxes. Music boxes falls under similar category of the autom...  

More Reuge stuff

 By: MTF : September 10th, 2007-11:51
Real feathers but mechanical movement and birdsong Amazing! Regards, MTF...  

The prices are nice...

 By: oporto16 : February 7th, 2008-16:21

Jacky Chan at Tempus

 By: ianny : September 12th, 2007-20:06
Just wondering if anyone else saw Jacky Chan at Tempus? It was the on the last day at about half-past sixish. Saw his entourage of bodygaurds and him scurrying in and dissappearing into the mass within seconds.

jackie chan @ tempus

 By: kelwin : September 17th, 2007-10:20
yes, i saw jackie too. i was there. he walked into the mocha room and rushed out. confirmed it was him !