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May 09, 2013,18:36 PM

... this post on the Model 33: will revisit Paul's Atelier and focus on some of his other watches, the MIH, Model 41, Model 42 and some clocks.

Paul is an unsung genius and a nice guy.


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A visit with Paul Gerber, Zurich

 By: AndrewD : May 7th, 2013-05:43
Visiting the Gerber Atelier in Zurich provides a glimpse into what watchmaking must have been like 200 years ago in Switzerland: a workshop within the family home, all the design and innovations built and tested in-house and the majority of parts being ma...  

Wonderful tour!

 By: KIH : May 7th, 2013-06:50
..and thank you for that, Andrew! Ken

Thanks for taking us with you

 By: Bill : May 7th, 2013-11:45
I remember him well at IGOTT2. Such a kind and soft spoken gentleman. A real artist in every sense of the word. Bravo Mr. Gerber. Thanks Bill

A true humble artist ...

 By: AndrewD : May 7th, 2013-16:13
Paul has done so much work for other manufactures, but much of this is unknown. Even when I visited he showed me mechanical goodies he was creating for others, but these must be kept secret. Perhaps one day the information will get out. But he reserves a ... 

Really amazing to see,

 By: Hulk : May 7th, 2013-11:45
thanks for the report. Definitely makes you appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a "hand made" piece, and I would class this as hand made in house compared to others. In comparison to the big names that "pump out" pieces with no soul, and ... 

Getting up close with independent watchmakers ...

 By: AndrewD : May 7th, 2013-16:18
Thanks for your comments, Steve. Getting up close with the independent watchmakers, feeling their passion for the work, understanding the creative process a little better, does make you question the mass produced and widely promoted watches. Why the heck ... 

Exquisite treat

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 7th, 2013-12:26
from manufactory of Bravo & thank you Damjan

I will leave the manufacturing to the experts ...

 By: AndrewD : May 7th, 2013-16:21
... and marvel from afar. But I am pleased you enjoyed the visit to the Gerber Atelier. I have shown you the Model 33 already, but will revisit Paul's workshop with some of the other pieces he produces. Stay glued to the forum. Andrew

really nice tour. from what I can recall from the IGOTT, Paul..

 By: Ronald Held : May 7th, 2013-14:40
Is a gentleman and craftsman.

Atelier tour

 By: SteveR : May 8th, 2013-05:15
Absolutely lovely to see! No other words for it! Thank you!

You might also enjoy ...

 By: AndrewD : May 9th, 2013-18:36
... this post on the Model 33: I will revisit Paul's Atelier and focus on some of his other watches, the MIH, Model 41, Model 42 and some clocks. Paul is an unsung genius and a nice guy. Andrew

Wonderful post..

 By: Ophiuchus : May 12th, 2013-18:31
I always love seeing stuff with the Gerber workshop. It's nice to see such a prolific independent giving an unfettered view of the shop, and work in progress. I hope I can meet Paul someday, and hopefully take one of those model 42s off his hands. If I we... 

Paul is a great teacher ...

 By: AndrewD : May 13th, 2013-04:58
I was wearing the F.P.Journe Dead Second Tourbillon when I visited his Atelier (don't worry, I had the Gerber P10 Model 42 on my other wrist) and Paul spent time showing his apprentices how it worked. I wish I could have understood German to know what the...  

A visit with Paul Gerber, Zurich

 By: Rubar : June 1st, 2013-13:38
Wonderful review! A s I understand the accuracy of the Model 42 is not worse than that of ETA-2824-2 . What are the accuracy of Model 41 and 33? ...