Enamel Mayu is here!

Nov 02, 2009,20:10 PM

I had been in love with Mayu (sounds like a Japanese woman's first name smile) but couldn't decide until recently when I found out my favorite watchmaker does service Moser, too. 

I love this model with this particular dial, and here are some preliminary shots (my main camera is still being serviced) :

If my wrist were a bit bigger, I would definitely consider Perpetual, but this Mayu is just my size and I am very happy with it.

Lastly, but not least, thank you SJX!!


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Congratulations, that is a beauty ! [nt]

 By: DonCorson : November 2nd, 2009-22:45
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Thank you so much, Don! [nt]

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-03:24
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Congrats & Superb !

 By: flamenco : November 2nd, 2009-23:19
Must check this out at the local AD. I have a soft spot for the Mayu Btw, is that in white gold or platinium ? This message has been edited by flamenco on 2009-11-02 23:20:29

You are right...

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-03:27
Mayu has something to touch your soft spot. This is WG model. If it were Platinum, that would be even better, but WG/Enamel LE is still tremendous value (versus the design, finish, and joy to have).

Congrats KIH! =) [nt]

 By: DRMW : November 2nd, 2009-23:49
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 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-03:27
I will see how accurate, or durable this new kid on the block is.

Very good accuracy so far

 By: KIH : November 6th, 2009-03:44
When worn, it is about plus 0.5 sec or less a day. When sit on the box with dial up, about 3 sec fast a day. This is just a preliminary report, but it is good enough to me.

=) [nt]

 By: DRMW : November 6th, 2009-08:59
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A great watch indeed! [nt]

 By: dedestexhes : November 2nd, 2009-23:54
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Always like the Mayu...

 By: fernando : November 3rd, 2009-00:25
perfect size with simple refined looks. Didn't know they had one with enamel dial. Is it a LE in WG? Congrats on a nice pick up. fernando

Looks like XX/50

 By: flamenco : November 3rd, 2009-00:48
Grey dial for me ........... although its not a LE...  

Stunning looking watch.

 By: Topcat30093 : November 3rd, 2009-01:52
The more I see of them the more I have started to appreciate them.

Same here..

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-03:31
I had noticed this model a few years ago and it grew little by little in me to finally come here

I did really combatted in me whether to go for PT or WG LE

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-03:30
But simply because I have enough black/gray dial watches already and white enamel dial would be refreshing, I picked this one.

Nice enamel dial. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : November 3rd, 2009-02:40

Yes, very, very well made dial.

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-03:34
It wouldn't be easy to distinguish between the regular lacquer dial and enamel one until you see the wall of the hall in which the hour/minute hands sink. With this enamel dial, the wall of the "hall" is white from top to bottom all the way the thickness ... 


 By: Jester : November 4th, 2009-07:52
This is indeed a stunning watch. Can you post some more close up shot of the dial? I'm especially keen to see the finishing especially between the sunken second dial and the main dial.

Diversifying i see

 By: BluNotte : November 3rd, 2009-04:40
A great choice none the less! The Mayu fits you well, and i was eyeing the Monard for quite a while, but i'm on hold for now. Congrats Stephen

Stephen, I want you to...

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-05:03
Stephen, I want you to go for Perpetual PT!  There are not so many manual winding perpetual out there!

Ahh, but even more rare ....

 By: BluNotte : November 3rd, 2009-07:38
Is perpetual calenders that are encased in Platinum, equal to or above 40mm, is hand-wound AND tells you the year! Enjoy! STephen...  

I am getting too old...

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-17:42
I am getting too old to see perpetual dial... :-)

Lol, no you arent my friend!

 By: BluNotte : November 4th, 2009-02:05
Or maybe you'd prefer i start calling you uncle? Kanpai! Stephen

That suits me! [nt]

 By: KIH : November 6th, 2009-03:40
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Completly agree.  It took quite...

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-06:53
Completly agree.  It took quite some time to grow in me enough to jump off the cliff :-)  Very well made and finish and no regret in my mind.  

Congrats KIH!

 By: SJX : November 3rd, 2009-07:38
Ever think about putting on a brown strap? - SJX

Ah!  Maybe worth pondering...  Will...

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-14:33
Ah!  Maybe worth pondering...  Will follow up!   Thank you again, SJX!

beautiful watch

 By: vernon : November 3rd, 2009-09:38
but then I am biased - I have the white lacquer version. I have longed to see the enamel version and it does look really good. Enamel does vary so much in quality and it's good that you say this dial is well done. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Vernon.

Vernon, thank you!  Yse, I...

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-14:34
Vernon, thank you!  Yse, I was, as well as the watchmaker was impressed with the quality of the dial.

Very nice... but I much prefer the Fumé dial. [nt]

 By: foversta : November 3rd, 2009-13:03
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I did think about that,...

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-14:36
I did think about that, too.  But couldn't find one available.  I might change mind once I see the one in the metal.

Ooh, KIH, that's really nice.

 By: CaliforniaJed : November 3rd, 2009-13:38
The enamel dial is truly handsome. Enjoy it in the best of health. It's no secret that I agree with your taste. The Mayu has charmed me as well -- twice! (But I'd love an enamel, too.) Best, Jed...  

Ah!  WG, PG, both are...

 By: KIH : November 3rd, 2009-17:43
Ah!  WG, PG, both are beautiful on your wrist!  White dial has some magic on Mayu.

Enamel, is stupendus!

 By: speedster : November 5th, 2009-07:27
I must say i prefer the Plat. The enamel option is a really nice alternative! And i prefer that to the fume. Do they do other options ... Blued, porcelain ... Lust wondering

Get the .....

 By: flamenco : November 3rd, 2009-18:06
Moser 1 already ........ Stunning watch in the flesh and the flash date is quite superb !!

One day if the stars align!

 By: CaliforniaJed : November 3rd, 2009-19:57

Perpetual one

 By: vic93 : November 4th, 2009-02:32
I have never seen a real one, only photos. Can someone tell me where I may be able to see it? thanks!

Stunning!!! Congratulations! [nt]

 By: Craig LA : November 4th, 2009-02:41
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Thank you, CraigLA! [nt]

 By: KIH : November 6th, 2009-03:34
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Wow! Congtats man, I really love that watch!

 By: Geo : November 4th, 2009-05:24
Thanks for posting so many good shots of the piece. GEO

Thanks for the compliment.

 By: KIH : November 6th, 2009-03:35
I can definitely use this as a daily wearer at the office.

Congrats on a beautiful watch. (nt) [nt]

 By: Mel : November 4th, 2009-07:49
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Thank you, Mel!! [nt]

 By: KIH : November 6th, 2009-03:35
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ery nice watch, congrats [nt]

 By: foullis : November 4th, 2009-10:50
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Thanks, foullis! [nt]

 By: KIH : November 6th, 2009-03:36
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Beautiful watch and so clean........

 By: CL : November 5th, 2009-07:39
May I ask what size is this beauty? Looking at the dial, I'm thinking it will be so outrageously beautiful if there's no arabic 12 and no logo as well......just plain enamel. yum yum. Congratulation Ken How do you compare this enamel dial to the Anniversa... 

Just the right size for my wrist

 By: KIH : November 6th, 2009-03:39
On catalog, Mayu case is 38.8mm (almost the same as Lange 1 and PLM size) while others including Perpetual 1 is 40.5mm which is beyond my comfort zone. Thickness is about on par, too. Actually, "12" reminds me of Lange 1815 (the CEO of Moser has last name... 

Simple and elegant ...

 By: wso : November 5th, 2009-23:20
I like the Mayu too and will probably get one some day. Congrats! WS

This one is very good value. [nt]

 By: KIH : November 6th, 2009-03:40
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where can I see a Perpetual One?

 By: vic93 : November 6th, 2009-00:23
Can anyone advise me where I can see a Perpetual one in real? only saw in photos....