A Roll in the Hay (Baby Ox)

Aug 03, 2009,11:26 AM

Being just out of the dentist's chair, and sporting a fine new gold tooth, I made it back to work to find a box on my desk! I'm afraid I am unable to compete with all these creative types who write travelogue stories about their watches. So I'll just get right to the point. The new Junior watch is finally here.

Someone signed for my package and left it in the middle of my desk!

Opened the box to find a nice envelope and lots of hay.

Hmmmm, a folder

Inside is a nice wire-bound notebook (maybe a diary, I think). Inside that is the watch.

The envelope contains a note thanking me for the order in a friendly way, and gives all the business details of my purchase. Hand-written too!

I can't resist the chance of putting my other rubber-strap watches alongside for a comparison shot. Each tries to show its best side and smile

Now wind it up, set the day of the week, set the time and here we go! A WRIST SHOT.

Now for a few rolls in the hay, with big cousin MIH alongside for comparison purposes.

Okay, that's enough fooling around. Back to work.

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Nice - you visit the dentist and come back to work . . .

 By: Dr No : August 3rd, 2009-11:39
. . . to find the best possible reason to smile ;-). Congrats, Mike, but be careful - if the cousins roll in the hay for too long, chances are you'll have a litter in no time! That's how collections start . . . best regards, Art This message has been edit... 

What's in the folder? Not a diary

 By: cazalea : August 3rd, 2009-13:03
It's the user manual. No language translation needed, it's a cartoon graphic of how to care for the watch: Let me show you what I think it all means: I think this first page says you can take all the screws out whenever you wish, and watch the rotor spinn...  

Who would have thought there was so much orange in a warehouse?

 By: cazalea : August 3rd, 2009-14:20
That's enough! I need a drink ... orange champagne, anyone? Cazalea This message has been edited by cazalea on 2009-08-03 14:49:00...  

Very nice mike. good to have one of the first and a hand written letter

 By: G99 : August 3rd, 2009-14:51
at least your handwritten letter is in english. when i got my greib & benzinger my handwritten letter was in german. not a lot of use in wales i must say the watch is not really to my taste, but thats the fun of watches, everyone is different. i look forw... 

Michael, you see things through orange-coloured glasses, right?

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : August 4th, 2009-05:21
fascinating post, impressive how such a watch can inspire you! That said, I remember that I saw an orange coloured tractor made by a now dysfunct brand called 'Ochsner' (etymolgical german expression of 'owner of an Ox...) last weekend. I have to take a p... 

Maybe I will reconsider.... (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : August 4th, 2009-12:43

Congrats Mike!

 By: SJX : August 4th, 2009-04:48
It has a lot more presence on the wrist than I thought it would. Looks great; wear it in good health. - SJX

Some have said TOO MUCH ORANGE. OK, help me pick a new strap

 By: cazalea : August 4th, 2009-19:19
OK, it's true there is a great deal of ORANGE in this watch, but that's its charm! However, rather than subject you to the cover of every book I own and every item in my garage, let's give baby some new shoes, eh? So get out the tackle box which is NOT fi...  

Perfect Alternative

 By: glickman : August 4th, 2009-20:28
Mike: You've left out the black natural rubber strap from your MIH watch, which is the perfect alternative to the orange. BTW, if you wear the orange strap, you'll notice it quickly develops a very nice "patina". Cheers!

Striped Nato for me

 By: AnthonyTsai : August 4th, 2009-20:50

black or striped nato work well.

 By: G99 : August 5th, 2009-11:48
i'm not really a fan of Nato's on my own wrist, but there is no doubt that they change the look and feel of any watch. the plain black highlights the orange numerals without making them look too bright and the striped one highlights the fact that the dial... 

No-name black padded for me

 By: Gary G : August 5th, 2009-15:06
Great watch! Best, Gary G

I Love it!

 By: Pulli : August 5th, 2009-17:08
I've enjoyed following different posts about the development of these timepieces and the concept of the company. Great watch!

seven dots for the days but.....

 By: vernon : August 6th, 2009-06:42
whats the longer 'slot' indicate? Congratulations on what looks like a really nice watch. I think it looks really good on all the black straps, especially the swatch one and the nato. Vernon.

The Long Slot

 By: glickman : August 6th, 2009-10:12
On Sunday night, the oval shaped orange day indicator travels across the long slot on its way to Monday.

Here's the traveling spot, making its Sunday night journey

 By: cazalea : August 10th, 2009-10:27
It goes all the way from 8 to 1 in about 3 hours. I didn't stay awake enough to watch ... :-(...  

I'm therefore assuming....

 By: vernon : August 11th, 2009-01:55
that it's the date mechanism on the standard ETA movement that's modified to achieve this? How are you finding the watch now you've been living with it for a few days? Is the size ok? I really like the watch - strikes me it's just as much a watch for adul...