A Patek Philippe 5146G may well be my ideal everyday watch!

Dec 28, 2009,13:04 PM

Some here have the pleasure to wear a Patek Philippe perpetual calendar watch every day. Some of those even wear my favourite 5159G, or even better, a 5970P! Many have also worn a 3940 – or a more recent 5140 – for years!


For long the 3940 was the "simplest" complicated Patek Philippe watch when you would not satisfy yourself with a simple date watch.


When the annual calendar was issued it was a very useful complication offered to those who wanted to step up from the classic entry level Calatrava range. To some extent it was also intended to seduce a younger audience.


A perpetual calendar is a fascinating mechanism. I've always found incredible to think that such a tiny mechanical calibre had a single wheel that was making one single turn every four years!


Still a perpetual calendar was and still often is seen as a delicate mechanism to use and settle. The new annual calendar invented by Patek Philippe was intended to be much more usable, and as efficient. By the way as long as mechanical watches will have to be serviced more or less every 5 years the perpetuity will be theoretical!


Perpetually looking for my ideal Patek Philippe watch I hardly considered the 5146 as an option. The 5396 was always my favourite aesthetical choice. Still it was always too classic on my wrist. While travelling by train to Paris to discover the new Patek Philippe chronograph last month I had the surprise to spot a 5146G with slate dial on the wrist sat in front of me. For nearly three hours I couldn't stop from glancing!


The young man's Patek Philippe


The next morning I had the same watch on my wrist (well only in the Patek Philippe boutique, it's still a dream to accomplish).


You can see the watch pictured here.


The watch is just so understated, so modern looking, and at the same time so classy.


Full but not busy


The dial is full of indications with the hours and minutes, the centre seconds hand, the day, date and month, the moon phase and the power reserve indicator. The dial is full but neatly organized and shows a very nice balance.


In fact I think that for many the appeal of a chronograph is to have a filled dial, contrasting xith "simple" watches. The annual calendar is more than a chronograph.


Again perfect on my wrist


I still find the 5396 very beautiful. The classical ref 96 case style and the "aperture" calendar are quite nice. The more rounded 5146 is not just modern, it is also linked to some nice PPs of the past, like maybe the 2526!


The other beautiful but more classical option


The new dial versions of the 5396 that will be launched next month will certainly attract even more people to the annual calendar, but for me the ideal annual calendar may well remain the 5146G.


Next year's babe


A new men's manual wind Patek Philippe chronograph may soon become my dream watch, and the A. Lange & Söhne Richard Lange is still my favourite simple watch, but what can be a more practical everyday watch at the office than an annual calendar?


Slate is good for me


I wonder if we will see an annual calendar Nautilus someday? Like a waterproof stainless steel Richard Lange would be the only better simple option, an all weather annual may not just tempt me!


That must be something


If you wear an annual calendar every day please share your experience with us.


Thank you for reading.






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Nice post, Dje.

 By: marcelo : December 28th, 2009-13:34
I share your opinions on the Annual Calendar PP and the RL – absolutely love them! A RL in stainless steel would be perfect for it would make possible to me owning the most spectacular dress watch of our times. Marcelo

About the RL in steel...

 By: patrick_y : December 29th, 2009-09:33
I have to say I agree with you, an Richard Lange in steel would be particularly fitting for the idea behind the scientist's "Observatoire" watch. But I suppose you're stuck with the platinum model for now... But they did make a few Lange 1 models in steel... 

That's interesting! I didn’t know there was a SS Lange 1.

 By: marcelo : December 30th, 2009-04:17
Do you know its reference number? Regards, Marcelo

I belive the service watch is a steel 1815, no? [nt]

 By: CaliforniaJed : March 6th, 2010-18:37
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Lange One Stainless Steel 101.026

 By: patrick_y : December 30th, 2009-09:01
I hear a very limited few were made for the "Pisa" dealer/boutique. I don't know much about it, I just know that I rather like it. Honestly, to me, all the gold and platinum to me is superfluous, are we paying for a gold case or are we paying for the move... 

An amazing dinner!

 By: marcelo : December 30th, 2009-12:33
I even posted a message there commenting that among so many beauties there wasn’t a RL Marcelo

Yes but

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-08:00
Hi, Yes there are a few stainless steel Lange 1, but they were only service watches, not meant to be sold AFAIK. Cheers Dje

Thank you Marcelo

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-07:59
Hi, Regarding the RL in steel, I would not expect such a watch to be really less expensive than a pink gold RL, considering that a steel one would be meaningless if not waterproof and antimagnetic! Cheers Dje

Thanks for your post Jérôme.

 By: foversta : December 28th, 2009-13:35
Sure the 5146G is a nice watch. But it is not my fav everyday watch from Patek. It is very funny but I think I'm one of the very few people who prefer the Gondolo Annual Calendar. Maybe because I find the dial more balanced. Here, I think that the indicat... 

Thank you FX

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-08:02
Hi, In fact I find the 5135 quite beautiful too, but it is the largest PP I've ever tried on! The watch is way too large for me, due to the long lugs. If only they could make a shorter one, that would be another story! Cheers Dje

agree with most of what you say

 By: donizetti : December 28th, 2009-13:44
I wear my watches in rotation so the 5146G comes on only once a week or so but often when I am away for a few days on work-related travel I take it with me because it is so practical, fits in well with everything and has the power to satisfy for a stretch...  

Ardois = slate = sunburst ebony...

 By: patrick_y : December 29th, 2009-09:36
In my Patek Brochure, the 5146G watch is described to have a slate dial while the 5146P watch is described to have a Sunburst Ebony dial. I have seen the dials of both watches and I can tell you that I cannot tell the difference between the two watches at... 

Beautiful watch!

 By: Davo : December 28th, 2009-14:19
Yours is just gorgeous.

pp 5146

 By: jgarcia570 : December 28th, 2009-14:57
hi dye, pp5146 is such a great watch, and why it is nio calliber as collectors watch. i agree with you i own a pp5146 1v j and i lioe the watch. it always works well givethe complications i want, and then i wondered with the increase in the value of gold ... 

Thank you for sharing, such a nice report and captures a glimpse

 By: timerider : December 28th, 2009-17:31
of the true collector's mind. Very refreshing. Best to all, Tim

Precioso, almost perfect.

 By: VMM : December 28th, 2009-17:44
It's been on my wish list for a long time. A true beauty. Vte

In my case 5056P :-)

 By: KIH : December 28th, 2009-17:52
I could wear everyday to the office because it is so convenient and useful, let alone requires only once in every 4 years day adjustment. But as much as I want to wear it everyday, I have obligations to other watches, so I wear once a week But, I agree th... 


 By: zjpj : December 28th, 2009-19:10
I believe it requires correction every year, at the end of February.

My bad :-) [nt]

 By: KIH : December 29th, 2009-02:23
No message body

Great watch Ken...

 By: patrick_y : December 29th, 2009-10:31
The original Annual Calendar. I really like the Roman numerals and the red power reserve indicator. The 5056P and the 5110P are the two watches I wished Patek Philippe still continued to make. The 5127G will soon be added to this list. A very original wat... 

Hey Patrick, thanks! [nt]

 By: KIH : December 29th, 2009-20:06
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Perfect too

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-08:09
Hi, The 5056P is the very nice link between the 5035 and the 5146! A fantastic watch too apparently, never saw it in real! Cheers Dje

Of course, if one adjusts for Daylight Savings Time then...

 By: tempusfugit : April 19th, 2010-21:59
an annual or perpetual calendar must be adjusted twice a year (in addition to the February correction for the ac). The romantic notion of adjustments only every 4 years or greater is a nice myth! tempusfugit

I vote for 5146P

 By: Watch4Steve : December 28th, 2009-19:34
Although nearly identical, I think the arabic numerals at 12, 3 and 9 on the 5146G "cheapen" the look. I much prefer the having the baton markers all the way around the dial as they are in the platinum version. It is more classically Patek to my eye.

I actually like the Arabics...

 By: patrick_y : December 29th, 2009-09:39
I think the Arabics give more personality to the watch; the "stick" hour markers are too serious and teutonic. I think the Arabics give it a nice look. Now, put the Arabic dial in a Platinum Case and I'll be in even more hot water. I really love the Plati... 

AC rock...

 By: Quan : December 28th, 2009-19:40
I love 5936R as the dial, blue indicators and hands just stand out, this is my only RG watch, practical with 24 hour sub dial, only need adjustment once every 4 year (except winder out of battery ....LOL) Wish one fine day I will get RL plat another nice ... 

Adjustment once every four year or...

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-08:51
Hi, Is it an adjustment once every four year, or once every year except on leap years? Cheers Dje

Dje, thanks for the correction

 By: Quan : December 31st, 2009-03:52
it is once every year except on leap years

I love the color of the dial on this watch

 By: dxboon : December 28th, 2009-19:47
Thanks for the write-up, Dje! This 5146G is indeed a handsome watch! Do you think the dial would've perhaps benefitted from having the date wheel encircle the moonphase indicator or otherwise be displayed in some other way with an indicator hand in a circ... 


 By: itt : December 28th, 2009-21:05
I really dislike the 5146 - I guess it is the overall look. I really like the incomming 5396 - if it was a perpetual and available in steel I couldnt get my money out fast enough !!

The one thing about the 5396...

 By: dxboon : December 28th, 2009-22:07
...that I find distracting visually is the radial flip in the numerals on the 24-hour subdial. There's an awkwardness IMO about the position of the "6" in relation to the "9" on the display that is further heightened by the fact that the 24-hour dial show... 

I don't mind the radial flip; but I do mind the entire 24 hour dial.

 By: patrick_y : December 29th, 2009-09:41
I just don't care for that 24 hour dial. I think it seems crudely integrated. I do like the 24 hour dial on the 5140, but just not on the 5396 and even less on the 5135. Fortunately, the 5146 doesn't have that problem. The one problem I do have with the 5... 

The lume doesn't bother me that much on the 5146...

 By: dxboon : December 30th, 2009-01:13
...but we'll have to agree to disagree on the usefulness of the 24-hour display on the 5140. IMO its layout and location within the days of the week subdial makes it challenging to read. The 5140 in WG is lovely overall however! Cheers, Daos

I agree for the 24 hour dial

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-08:58
Hi, On the contrary I like the lume dial and hands on the 5146G (and I don't see it as a dressed watch). I need lume dial and hands on an everyday watch. I would not like them on a RL though (except perhaps on a waterproof, antimagnetic steel one). Cheers... 

I'm concerned about the long-term viability of the lume...

 By: patrick_y : December 30th, 2009-09:09
I personally like to think that Patek watches should be utterly timeless. The 5146 is timeless, but I envision (through paranoia) that the lume on the watch will deteriorate and crack after 50 years and damage the look of my pristine dial. I'm much too pa... 

Lume should be a bonus ?

 By: akitaishi : October 14th, 2013-06:03
I actually agree with u that a lume hands and markers are a bonus to have on a watch. Exposed to light, the lume allows one to read time in the dark. It does not interfere with time reading in a bright setting. Why are there so many purist that prefer oth... 

Thanks Daos

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-08:56
Hi, The date window is nicely integrated on this one I think. A date hand like on the 6000 would me too much for an annual calendar like the 5146 IMO (although I have a vintage JLC trilple calendar that works well obviously with a central date hand). On t... 

Not for me, I much prefer the 5396 sector dial version anytime

 By: happyguy1688 : December 28th, 2009-21:25
I do not think the luminous hands and markers of 5146 bode well and do not think it is consistent with being a dress watch. Frankly speaking, most collectors today have over 10 watches and U face the dilemma of keeping yr perpetual / annual calendar watch... 

Sadly I agree about the lume...

 By: patrick_y : December 29th, 2009-09:44
I can't say I like the lume on the 5146. Don't like the lume one bit on the hands and on the dial. That's another reason why I'm being persuaded by the 5396.

Yes and no

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-09:03
Hi, I agree that as a watch collector I prefer non date watches (like the RL). On the contrary I find my everyday watches more useful with a date and consequently would appreciate an annual calendar. As long as it does not stop it is better than a simple ... 

simplest PC? A 3940?

 By: Mech : December 28th, 2009-21:31
H Jerome, if the 3940 is a simple PC, I just gotten myself a simpler one here.... ahci.watchprosite.com I wear my 3940 more than any other watches and it's the 'longest surviving' watch in my collection. Many came and went, but my 3940 is still around fai... 

I have had the privilege....................

 By: Topcat30093 : December 28th, 2009-23:00
To have owned and worn two 5146 J & G and they are imo a true all rounder. It maybe worn on every occasion and it is so very easy to read. I did't like the "Train Track" dial 5396 but I do very much like the new and cleaner looking dial. Will look for... 

That's the one Jerome, that's the one!

 By: Starman : December 29th, 2009-01:07
Hi Jerome, Thanks for this post. That for sure my friend is my grale watch. Of course there are many more watches which I could consider as grale watches but these are completely out of reach. This PP is a no option for the coming years, but maybe one day... 

Had a 5135G but now my favorite Annual Calendar is

 By: rwk : December 29th, 2009-02:33
the 5396G sector dial. I prefer the day/month windows and 24 h indicator. The new model is certainly very lovely, but I can not help asking Patek Philippe...Why abandon the beautiful sector dial for another standard Calatrava dial in the collection? Happy...  

Thank you Richard

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-09:09
Hi, On the 5396 I love the classic case, the blued hands, the sector dial, I love the day and month indicators, but I dislike the 24h indicator and the integration of the date window with the sector dial. I find the date better integrated on the new dial ... 

I love my 5146...

 By: Cool : December 29th, 2009-05:11
.... I have owned the 5146J about 3 years now and I haven't had one single issue with it. I know many of the people on this forum don't really appreciate a bracelet Patek 5146 but I would have to say I am on the other side of that opinion. I like to dress...  

earlier edition same response

 By: jlkubicek : January 1st, 2010-11:32
I have the earlier edition in rose on rose gold bracelet cream dial and I get compliments all the time on the watch . It has a lot of "pop"

Historical influences abound...

 By: patrick_y : December 29th, 2009-09:31
Thank you Dje for this wonderful post! I too have the abounding question; do I want the 5146G or 5396G to compliment my wrist? I know I've said in the past; Patek Philippe wearers ought to be assertive, the wearers of such fine watches ought to know what ... 

I understand

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-09:15
Hi, I'm quite appealed by the 5396, but I find the 5146 design more "coherent" in the detailing. That's very personal of course. The 5396 is also more of a clasic design as you noticed, while I'm looking for a more modern option. Cheers Dje

While I agree with you about the 5146 and your

 By: whit : December 29th, 2009-11:47
views of the other complicated pieces, I read your comment about these being a step up from the basic Calatrava's and in a sense I agree (meaning I understand the direction of your thought) but in another way, it led me to wonder if other folks think that... 


 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-09:21
Hi, I understand your point too. I agree that there is no quality difference between a 5196 (that would be my simplest Calatrava, although my "simple" love at PP is the 5098R) and a 5159. The finish is seemingly the same (and you need to choose a manual w... 

A wonderful post on a rather forgotten marvel of horological significance.

 By: KCLQMULKU : December 30th, 2009-03:02
Just to add another AC to the fold, though a sadly forgotten one at that......  

Full moon on New Year's Eve

 By: 11111 : December 30th, 2009-03:49
I have been wearing daily my 5146G since I finally managed to get an antiallergic strap from PP in November. In my occupation it is possible to have 5146 as a daily wearer, and I do not consider it a dressy watch. Comfortable, useful and reliable. Dje, ti... 

Thank you! Any pics? nt

 By: Dje : December 30th, 2009-09:23

With pleasure...

 By: 11111 : December 30th, 2009-14:47
I took a few close ups of the dial some time ago: Best regards....  

You were too close! :-) nt

 By: Dje : December 31st, 2009-02:22

A wrist shot...

 By: 11111 : December 31st, 2009-07:25
This fantastic wrist shot gives justice to this watch. However, I do not know who to credit for it. All best....  

Thanks for the post, jerome.

 By: masterspiece : December 30th, 2009-18:41
I favor the 5146 over the 5140. A perpetual is a nice watch to acquire but Patek's 5140 is a bit too small, not size wise but spatially. With my failing eyes, it is just too hard to read without glasses. I prefer the Go Senator Perp. And for the 5146, I p... 

My pleasure Bob! nt

 By: Dje : December 31st, 2009-02:23


 By: Rainer B. : March 14th, 2010-12:49
Excellent review. And I wholeheartedly agree. Although I do not care for subdials or moonphase, 5146 almost always wins from my other PPs, i.e. it is my 'daily beater'. (Please ignore the manager-in-midlife-crisis colored thread, it was temporary and at t...