Boring Back?

Nov 08, 2023,14:05 PM

... Probably. Maybe that's why Lange transitioned to a transparent caseback in 1997. 

(Did you notice the patina developing on this early yellow gold Lange 1?)

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Not at all. I love solid casebacks.

 By: MichaelC : November 8th, 2023-14:11
Then again, there is lots of good to see inside a AL&S!


 By: Aquaracer1 : November 8th, 2023-15:43
Is best with see-through case back!


 By: MCG (Markus) : November 8th, 2023-18:44
Sorry to say, but ALS needs a saphire case back!

True, this caseback has no particular appeal

 By: VinnieD : November 8th, 2023-19:08
but sometimes, treasures are best hidden. And once in a while, you can ask your watchmaker to take a picture/show you what's inside. I can definitely live with that

I like solid case backs!

 By: patrick_y : November 8th, 2023-20:30
Nowadays, I'd prefer a nice solid gold case back over a transparent one. The sapphire case back probably costs less to make than a gold one - maybe...

+1 No small savings…

 By: hora12reborn : November 8th, 2023-21:11

To disturb

 By: Weems@8 : November 8th, 2023-22:17
I am tired of skeletons.

These solid casebacks were available upon request for many years, I think even after Richemont bought Lange...

 By: CR : November 9th, 2023-04:08
... but nobody got them (unless they wanted a custom-engraved caseback). I recently asked if Lange still did that, and I was told no -- they don't even do the custom engraved casebacks any longer.

I think this looks beautiful!

 By: KCLQMULKU : November 9th, 2023-20:55
Knowing what's inside makes it all the more special!