The Classique Phase de Lune 8787 Enamel

Feb 10, 2012,09:11 AM

The new 8787 Classic collection is of  the same family of the 7787, 7788 and 8788. The 7XXX is of diameter 39mm while the 8XXX is of diameter 36mm, manufactured for the Ladies.  Gentlemen, this could be an idea for your 'the Valentine gift' smile

The 8787 (in this post) is of 18K rose gold case diameter 36mm which will embrace most Ladies' wrists snugly.  Another variation, the 8788 is with a pave diamond bezel for those who prefer the extra touch.

The dial is of grand feu enamelling and matched with beautiful blued Beguet-hands with moonphase and power reserve indicators.
Within the slender 10.20mm case, is fitted with extra-thin automatic Caliber 591 DRL with silicon escapement.

Below are some photographs of Ref 8787BR/29/986 ...

Multi-level of hands crossing over each others.
Great to have the end of the hands pointed downward to facilitate easy reading.

Tapered down lug design ensuring good fit on the Lady's wrist .  Same details with the signatures fluted caseband and signed crown.

Case water resistance is rated to 30m.

The quick-set corrector at 9H for the moon-phase adjustment.

The 38-hour power reserve indicator.  Not sure why arrow-markers are used ... could be substituted with something playful yet remain classical
since this reference is for the Ladies.

The 4 Hz automatic Calibre 591DRL, per specification is with a double barrel. Somehow expecting a higher power reserve than 38 hours.

Finishing is done well.

Escapement and flat balance spring in silicon with Breguet balance-wheel which is also in the iconic La Tradition.

Beautiful guilloche gold rotor.

Bi-colour engraved wordings on the bridges.

Leather strap paired with a solid gold deployant buckle.

The 8787 is a elegant piece for the Ladies, a decent blend of form and function.  The enamel dial with the blued hands is a good aesthetic combination while the movement fitted with silicon escapement is also done by few add a touch of novelty and sophistication too.

For gentlemen, if you like this dial configuration, a larger 39mm version with either enamel or guilloche dial is waiting for you too smile

Does this piece appeal to any of you?


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I don't think I want one...

 By: aaronm : February 10th, 2012-11:18
even in a larger size, but it's a lovely interpretation of some of their historical designs. I'd also like to thank Breguet for: a) not compromising the design by adding in a date window (those always look weird in enamel) b) not covering it in diamonds o... 

SFWIBW ...haha ..please see! :-)

 By: Kong : February 11th, 2012-22:01
Hi A There is a diamond version, did not have the pics though For your Lady...could consider this if your area has them - Reine De Naples Steel 8967ST. Fully agreed on the date window. Enamel in pink...NO NO !!! Kong

Yes but...

 By: foversta : February 10th, 2012-14:12
It is a beautiful watch but I think that I prefer the guilloché dial: Moreover, the base movement is the Lemania 8810 formerly the Longines 990: I would have prefered something more "exclusive". Thanks a lot for your great pics. Fx...  

This is nice ...

 By: Kong : February 11th, 2012-22:03
Thanks for the pic of the 7787BR/12/9V6. The movements are all the same, even for the ladies according to specification. Kong

I thought it was based on Lemania 8815?

 By: Samster777 : February 22nd, 2012-08:08
I thought it was based on Lemania 8815? Are you positive it is 8810? Thank you.

This may be of interest to you ...

 By: Kong : March 7th, 2012-08:42 And welcome to our forum. Kong

The lack of balance of the dial is a no go for me.

 By: amanico : February 10th, 2012-23:25
This is not because a watch has not a balanced watch that I don't like it, but here, the power reserve is ruining the dial, in my opinion. Too bad, because the enamel dial is superb, as well as the moonphase. Best, Nicolas.

An unusual situation...

 By: aaronm : February 12th, 2012-10:07
Since I disagree with you completely. I think the moonphase is the weaker part of the design, it's too "pretty", and a bit too big, for the very traditional aesthetic. The weirdly off-center RdM hews very closely to some of AL Breguets earlier pieces (the...  

Good for business when we take the opposite sides of a dispute, no?

 By: CaliforniaJed : February 12th, 2012-20:28
I respectfully disagree. The power reserve is POWER on that dial, which is gorgeous. It works. Case closed! ;-) Best, CaliforniaJed

Lots of POWER :)

 By: Pawel MC : December 14th, 2012-09:24
It's always a matter of personal test. I like that earlier POWER statement above ... It applies to power reserve, seconds hand, length of hands and all the visual details in my view. Everything is “powerfully” executed. The way the time hands cross with t... 

The layout is alright ...just that the second-hand ...

 By: Kong : February 12th, 2012-22:08
somehow tipped the balance...sort of noise. A simulated image ...would this be more edible, Nico? kong...  


 By: telackey : March 13th, 2012-12:10
I agree. I think the dial is quite nice, but the central second hand is a bit too much.

This is isn't a ladies watch...

 By: johnswatch1 : February 12th, 2012-00:37
The only female styling cue is the fact that it's 36mm, the same diameter as a Datejust and the fact that it has such a thin bezel means it will wear larger. It will look incredibly masculine on a feminine wrist I would think. Poor lazy marketing to call ... 

Though 8787 ...

 By: Kong : February 12th, 2012-20:57
Breguet put it in the lady's range, I would not consider it as a lady piece. The enamel does soften the image, but it is a watch suitable for both gender. I still wear 36mm! So you are not alone Kong

very pretty

 By: cuibono : February 12th, 2012-03:31
i do like the watch very much, and i find the placement of the power reserve kind of intriguing. to my eye, it does not put the composition off balance. the guilloche version is very nice, but, naturally has a much different personality. a last observatio... 

Handsome too ...

 By: Kong : February 12th, 2012-21:24
Hi Chris I have to agree the layout is still well-balanced to me. Except with the extra long counter-weight of the second-hand, but somehow, will need to intentionally to observe it, otherwise it seems to blend in with the layout. I am curious with those ...  

May not be the Rdm ... how about this?

 By: Kong : February 12th, 2012-22:11
Does it look better? Kong...  

It actually looks better, Kong [nt]

 By: ling5hk : February 13th, 2012-00:30
No message body

Thank you

 By: winvade : February 12th, 2012-05:15
Would hope this to be a manual wind watch as well...

Make sense ...

 By: Kong : February 12th, 2012-20:53
I personally like a watch with a power reserve indicator to be a manual wind. More logical As for this, the original base, is a Lemania 8810 (as FX highlighted), it was a super thin automatic calibre. Also without the rotor, the movement will be too small... 

Yes the RdM is big and the Moon Phase indicator is big

 By: Mr Green : February 12th, 2012-13:39
and their position is awkward but for some strange reason it all looks good to me I like this piece very much and thank you I'll take 39mm Best D

Awkward layout ...

 By: Kong : February 12th, 2012-22:17
is sort of the signature of Breguet. Asymetrical layout does look good for some reasons Does it look better like this, D? Kong...  

You are absolutely right

 By: Mr Green : February 13th, 2012-01:45
it is Breguet signature and it works out + for some reason it looks more interesting to me with seconds hand although your version is also interesting Best D

Small movement / big case?

 By: vandyke : March 8th, 2012-23:21
Like it better with a seconds hand. The asymmetry and complex face makes it intriguing and, well, a Breguet. Not sure I understand Kong's 'movement is too small for the case comment' comment. This feature has been brilliantly pulled off numerous times, mo... 

Thank you Kong for your beautiful photo shoots..

 By: magic_jon : November 27th, 2013-13:56
.. Which inspired me to buy the 7787 enamel version of this moonphase watch. :)