Patek 5711P with Tiffany Logo

Jan 04, 2016,08:39 AM

Patek 5711P with Tiffany logo
Patek 5711P with Tiffany logo

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Very rare! Please...

 By: GLau : January 4th, 2016-08:56
tell us more about the history of this unique watch!

Beautiful piece that proves there are two Americas even for PP collectors as.... ;-)

 By: doublesix : January 4th, 2016-09:10
I have been trying to get one for two years without any positive response from my AD's. Congratulations on an even rarer T&Co piece. Bravo!

I'm not sure about the real story on the 5711P but here is what I was told by my AD:

 By: doublesix : January 5th, 2016-06:29
He inquired with Henri Stern about getting me this watch and was told that the 5711P was originally made in a small batch of unknown numbers for a Buyer who did not take delivery of the entire custom order. The pieces that remain were then sold. To see a ... 

the idea of the 5711P provided from Thierry Stern

 By: ch9698 : January 6th, 2016-01:21
and the first watch has been delivered end 2012 to somebody who ordrered only one piece

I nearly bought one from "my" AD

 By: dr.kol : January 4th, 2016-09:55
but I backed up on the last minute. I used the funds to buy some other pieces. Why: I must say that 5711P is a wonderful watch and has really massive "wrist presence". The dial is also stunning - I like it much more than the one of 5711/1A. However, for m... 

LOL Great Story! [nt]

 By: hashluck : January 4th, 2016-11:01

The best part is that it's true!

 By: dr.kol : January 4th, 2016-11:38
My late father was representing all the Soviet shipping interests in Finland from 1946. Oh man, he had stories but I can't tell many of those because some of the forum members would take those true stories as insults. It's a pity that pres. Reagan is not ... 

good story!

 By: Fricks : January 4th, 2016-14:30
and so true

I chuckled! Thanks for the story! [nt]

 By: Horologically_minded : January 4th, 2016-14:41

Lessons of life I love to hear about.

 By: Mark in Paris : January 4th, 2016-15:17
As for the 5711, I completly understand your way of seeing it: an elegant and (mainly) chic sport watch. I must say that I have a slightly different view on the reference. When I tried and handled the 5711 for the 1st time I remember I was attracted by th... 

the tale of the two watches...

 By: Patekfinity : January 4th, 2016-11:29
This particular watch is an enigma in the world of Patek rarities. A friend of a friend who wishes to be anonymous disclosed that there are currently TWO of these watches in the wild. The first one was delivered in the fall of 2013. The picture you see he... 


 By: Patekfinity : January 4th, 2016-12:56
Delivery of the second watch was taken in 2015...did not mean this year as in 2016. Sorry.

The ultimate in co branding.

 By: geross : January 4th, 2016-11:38
Thats commerce for you. But definitely a very nice watch. Investment wise its a winner. And the heft is great i suppose. More of a posers watch. Thanks for showing this gem. Best Geross

That's a very rare version indeed...

 By: Mark in Paris : January 4th, 2016-15:11
I knew the P version, especially from one of our fellow members who shares beautiful pictures from time to time, but didn't imagine that co-branded versions existed. Thank you very much for sharing and, as you proposed, we'd love to see more of them if yo... 

Would love to see this in person.

 By: willski : January 4th, 2016-15:42
Thank you for sharing! The colour is like a normal 5711 and turning the saturation filter on

Stunning piece

 By: Broxi : January 5th, 2016-15:23
Absolutely beautiful watch and so very rare- thanks for sharing

Bragging rights...

 By: Mostel : January 5th, 2016-18:36
Modern Patek... the jury is out... but no doubt you have bragging rights where applicable....

Wow! And I thought the 'normal' 5711P was almost unique.

 By: GT3 : January 11th, 2016-17:17
Anybody a clue how much they made of the 5711P? Best, H

I can't tell from the picture, but...

 By: skyeriding : January 12th, 2016-08:20
For Platinum Pateks, does this come with the embedded diamond at 6 in the bezel? Regards, skyeriding

Yes [nt]

 By: coz : January 19th, 2016-11:28