The Zenith Chronomaster Revival

Mar 07, 2024,23:52 PM

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Love this yellow dial!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : March 8th, 2024-00:09

Lovely contrasts.

 By: kesharoo : March 8th, 2024-00:55
Thanks for the pics.

Lovely contrasts with Arabic numerals.

 By: kesharoo : March 8th, 2024-01:30
Thanks for the pics.

Another great shot

 By: Arronax : March 8th, 2024-03:09
I strongly suspect your barrista is an accomplice to help you find your next watch

Wonderful shots

 By: Derreck : March 8th, 2024-10:14
Especially the first one is as if there was a professional set with lights etc. Love the watch too, very sporty and cool, strap looks excellent on it.

The watch is amazing, but how you got

 By: Thomas_3 : March 8th, 2024-14:25
a matchjing coffee cup is even more amazing. This is as close as I could get this morning. ...  

Nice watch taste!

 By: iceheller 1945 ✌️ : March 9th, 2024-06:50
That yellow dial and the watch case color is superb match! Nice coffee too!😎