Almost looks like a fume Moser dial. Very nice!

Mar 02, 2021,04:52 AM

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The colors . . .

 By: EdTonkin : February 27th, 2021-10:11

Very nice looking, my friend.

 By: amanico : February 27th, 2021-10:38


 By: Horology75 : February 27th, 2021-11:31

Agreed! Thanks

 By: EdTonkin : March 1st, 2021-17:09

I'm curious how the 37mm case wears

 By: logan2z : February 27th, 2021-14:47
I usually wear watches 40mm+ so I've been hesitant to buy the reissue without trying it on - and Covid hasn't made that easy. Can you share your thoughts on the size of your wrist and how the case wears on it?

I was afraid you were going to say that..

 By: logan2z : March 1st, 2021-17:15
Now I need to try it on I will the first chance I get.

A bit yes. I agree.

 By: EdTonkin : March 1st, 2021-17:12

The best reissue of that ilk thus far, by far, IMO

 By: nacelle : February 27th, 2021-19:29
Looks great...