Superb article, Mike. I had a lot of pleasure to read it. [nt]

Feb 05, 2019,07:43 AM

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Magnetism, demagnetizing and Nikola Tesla

 By: cazalea : February 4th, 2019-10:34
We have talked a lot on this site about magnetism and how it affects a watch (and the measures to block this, usually in "milgauss" model watches). I am happy to introduce the Witschi Teslascope to WatchProSite readers. This is a device which measures the...  

You can still buy it for only $99.95!

 By: iadxb : February 4th, 2019-11:59
Here's the link: You may also explore other amazing inventions based on Archangel technology, Atlantean technology, Alchemical technology, etc. All for the same price and in a convenient miniature format to wear it around yo... 

Was not aware....

 By: Adamska : February 4th, 2019-13:56
of those Witschi devices. Very interesting propositions . Thanks for letting us into the know! Cheers, Filip P.S. I'll pass on the Hyperdimensional Oscillator, I already visited the Tesla museum in Belgrade multiple times .... 

whether this device is capable of transfering useful energy across 11 dimensions is far from my grasp, we cant deny the importance of harmonics in quite a few disciplines and ...

 By: redcorals : February 5th, 2019-11:20
...their influence on our well being - Music, Voice, meditation can have moving effects on our moods and health . While some affect us positively, others not so - music can make you sad or fill you with energy and euphoria.