Looking for ideas/advice on watch storage

Jul 26, 2021,00:39 AM

So I started out many years ago with a German tower winder, which became two, then I started adding Swiss Kubik winders as the design allowed for expansion as the collection grew. I initially wanted to limit myself to 16 watches but that pipe dream is out the window, I now realize I need a solution that can display 40-50 watches.

Emphasis I suppose would be on display, I greatly enjoy waking up in the morning and going into my dressing room to be confronted with my watch collection, I have them opposite a window so I can get the full effect of the beautiful dials (hence the manual wind watches on a watch winder)

This is my current setup, which has become messy and not as well put together as I would like.

My options at this point are to start over from scratch and get something from Bubben and Zomething, though beautiful I would rather put that cash towards a 5270p...

I could perhaps commission a carpenter to take the current components I have and fashion a cabinet that holds them in a more organized fashion...

Or? Any ideas or inspiration would be very much appreciated!

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The first question to ask you is:

 By: Lankysudanese : July 26th, 2021-01:13
are you done collecting? Or will the solution have to incorporate future additions?

Not done

 By: afaleh : July 26th, 2021-11:07
But would like to limit myself to 40-50

Without a doubt...

 By: enjoythemusic : July 26th, 2021-01:28
...hire a carpenter. Just be sure to have drawers for straps, another for tools, etc, jmho

I might do that

 By: afaleh : July 26th, 2021-11:08

I hear you

 By: afaleh : July 26th, 2021-11:06
That’s one of the reasons I am looking for a a new solution. I would like a cabinet that allows me to display my watches yet keep them safe Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I hope it was not valuable of a watch(s)

Alas, alas.

 By: amanico : July 26th, 2021-13:41


 By: Cookies : July 26th, 2021-12:55
The best place to store is not at home. These days, thieves can weld through fireproof safes. Maybe, a vault room custom built will be sturdy enough. But one has to get a new house made to get it done secretly.

That’s very true

 By: Cookies : July 26th, 2021-17:09
No watch can replace family. Watches are a function of memories, a tool, and these can be replaced or earned back, but once a person goes, it is forever. Nico, I think my journey in watch collecting has stopped for the moment. I have to serve my other res... 

I've been feeling overweight and overburdened

 By: Cookies : July 30th, 2021-18:06
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I just ordered an Omega SM

 By: Cookies : July 31st, 2021-08:24
Was thinking very hard about the bathyscaphe for a few hours yesterday, going through the specs and lug measurements. The 23mm lug width is quite special, that it is hard to find good high quality OEM straps for it. So I decided to go for what haunted me ... 

No doubt

 By: afaleh : July 26th, 2021-18:24
Sounds like you went through a very negative experience. Very sorry to hear that ! What was meant to happen will always happen, as long as you and your family where not harmed, that’s all that matters

That’s right

 By: Cookies : July 31st, 2021-08:29
I’ll maintain the 10 watches rule from now because it keeps me focused, and without the headache of stock-taking. Lots of break-ins happening around in Australia now, even a first world country is not spared from the effect of the pandemic and poverty.

That’s very true for most countries/cities, but there are a few exceptions.

 By: Lankysudanese : July 26th, 2021-14:47
That being said, storing it at a bank takes away from the joy of waking up to see your entire collection. So if the OP lives somewhere where armed rubbery is unlikely, a custom made solution by a carpenter may be the way to go

Very true

 By: afaleh : July 26th, 2021-18:31
Storing away from home would take away from the daily selection ritual. We are fortunate to have a very low violent crime rate, but home theft by the hired help is common.