Fitness tracker idea?

Jan 07, 2024,22:42 PM

Hi folks. I’m at the age (actually, well past the age) when I need to focus more on my health. And my doctor suggested that I wear a fitness tracker—like an Apple Watch—that will track steps, heart rate, etc. But here is the dilemma: I have no intention of giving up my mechanical watches (or of not wearing them), and I don’t want to wear two watches. Can anyone recommend a good fitness tracker I can wear on my right wrist that would be more like a thin, unobtrusive bracelet? Many thanks in advance!


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I know what you mean! I wear an Apple Watch ULTRA everyday to track my sleep and i also wear it everytime i train (run, swim, bike, etc). The rest of the time i wear a mechanical watch

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 7th, 2024-22:59
This allows me to track my recovery, my health and my sleep. It has helped me a lot this past year. There are advantage for me to use a smart watch versus the other two options i will suggest and I recommend you watch some YouTube video on them to know wh... 

Thank you!

 By: Bob L. : January 7th, 2024-23:10
I appreciate the ideas and I will look into these!

Have seen many a person wearing one on each wrist,

 By: Thomas_3 : January 7th, 2024-23:19
not the best look however.


 By: InHavenPro : January 8th, 2024-00:22
One of the smaller/narrow FitBit trackers....

I was also looking for a fitness tracker not for any health reasons…

 By: S F : January 8th, 2024-05:50
But more to manage daily calories and track steps. I wanted to avoid double wristing so Apple watch was not in my consideration. I had a look at Polar, Fitbit, Jawbone, and Withings. I picked Fitbit in the end but my experience with Fitbit was pretty disa... 

I’ve been double-wristing over 5-6 months now…

 By: mahesh : January 8th, 2024-10:59
Apple remains the best generic health tracker - the best I’ve found after testing several and wasting a bit of $. I’ve put on mute all functions except health tracking to keep it quiet all day long 😜

Thanks everyone!

 By: Bob L. : January 9th, 2024-01:16
Very helpful ideas. I hadn’t given serious thought to one of the rings before, but that might be the perfect route here. Bob