Another tale of woe from the bench

Dec 22, 2020,15:45 PM

I have this watch. It matches one that my wife wears. We got them in 2005.

We have worn them often, together and apart.

Her rubber strap rotted out. I found a replacement leather band that works.

My strap rotted out too.

I found one I like even if they don't match now (ok, I have a blue leather strap too).

Mine stopped working. Hers did not. Wah! 

There are no replacement parts available, and no movements either. Mine appears to have some corrosion.

Definitely a moisture issue.

I rarely open quartz watches, but there's no harm here as it's toast already.

The scale of these parts is amazing, as well as the fact that Seiko can make them for a couple bucks...

Oh well. Just to show you the scale of these items, the minute hand is against 2 jewels, a cap jewel and the rotor/armature of the motor that drives this quartz watch!

This is the watch I bought for $30  to cannabalize and swap movements, but it is too nice to ruin.

Today I bought another one for $25. Let's see if I can bring myself to sacrifice it...


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Just goes to prove...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 22nd, 2020-15:50
You can have fun without spending a fortune on watches. Good work Mike !