A cool modified watch

Dec 08, 2022,09:47 AM

This BWD modified watch looks really cool, and as a watch lover, I look forward to wearing it one day. When I first saw it, I was really attracted by its textured case and dazzling time marker. Is there any difference between this modified watch and the original one? Can you spot them

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Looks good …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 8th, 2022-14:36
Bamford signature blue. I hope you get one soon and share a few photos with us.

She is a Beauty

 By: farkbinder01212 : December 8th, 2022-20:04
Here is miy new one from today ...  

 By: BaillieS1 : December 9th, 2022-09:01
Looks so cool!