Wonderful post and such an engaging read.

Jun 06, 2024,13:58 PM

Thank you.

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Best of The Hour Lounge: June 6, 1944

 By: Tick Talk : June 5th, 2024-21:04
Few survivors are left to tell their first-hand accounts of this date in history, but physical reminders are still spread along the coast of Normandy. D-Day was a tremendous operation involving untold numbers of men and materials, including the proud ship...  

The breath of history

 By: FranckAlexandre : June 5th, 2024-21:57
Great post Thank you very much for this history and to Share this wonderful chronom├Ętre de Marine

Those who cannot remember the past

 By: Tick Talk : June 6th, 2024-15:31
Are condemned to repeat it. This quote has been attributed to Winston Churchill but likely not. Regardless of the source, the sentiment remains valid and one of the contradictions of human nature that still puzzles me greatly.