Vintage Ulysse Nardin

Feb 07, 2020,11:37 AM


I would like to find some information regarding my watch.

I hadn’t been able to find much information online.

Does anybody have any insight?

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 By: Weems@8 : February 7th, 2020-14:18
I do not recognize your UN. But here are enough experts who can inform u. Welcome to watch enthusiasts heaven, it really is. Your first UN? More UN can come. I was searching UN for a moment. I like to get a marine tourbillon. I am also looking for an Exec... 


 By: Tony C. : February 8th, 2020-07:37
A poor redial, incorrect replacement hands, unlikely to be a chronometer, and questionable whether the watch is, in fact, a genuine Ulysse Nardin. Photos of the inside of the case back and movement would be definitive. Regards, Tony C.