Not a vintage piece, but a decade has passed...

Oct 24, 2019,01:14 AM

...and I had not put it on for a while, but recently took it out of the box and have been having it on for a bit.  I think there has been at least 2 upgrades to the UN Diver Chrono family line since then.  After a decade and the new watches since, I must admit that I have actually grown fonder of this timepiece, particularly its "smaller" size (compared to the newer watches), notwithstanding some design "limitations" mentioned in the forum around the time of its release.  It nicely at 42.7mm, although a little thick (the "smaller size" is noticeable when I switch from a 44mm UN diver).  The chronograph movement is preferred for me in that the minute counter jumps rather than track the chronograph second hand, given the smaller subdial size (compared to say, the Grand Feu Annual Calendar minute counter subdial).

Looking back a decade, just wondering what the thoughts are from anyone out there who owns or has handled this timepiece compared to the current UN diver or diver chronographs.  Although deemed a bold (and possibly polarising) design at the time of its release, compared to the latest diver, I think this holds more of UN's diver DNA than does the latest iteration of UN's diver watch.

Just a late Thursday afternoon "rant" to dis-engage from the office work.  smile

Pretty good for office wear too...

Thanks for dropping by.

Have a good weekend ahead.

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Hi Ed, I don’t own one but...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : October 24th, 2019-01:37
I really like this version and the colours used. Thanks for reminding us of this one.

You are welcome.

 By: Eddie1 : October 24th, 2019-18:11
Yes, I do like the colour scheme as well. Interestingly, I don't know if it was buyer's remorse, but I kind of disliked it not long after purchasing it and wondering I should have gotten a black dial version or held off for another release from UN. In hin... 

Thanks for dropping by.

 By: Eddie1 : October 24th, 2019-18:35
I may be wrong, but it seemed not to be a terribly popular model compared to some of the other UN timepieces, particularly the immediately following update which did not have the "3D" dial.

Yes,I notice your consistent posts about not having a date...

 By: Eddie1 : October 24th, 2019-18:32
...and I can appreciate where you come from. An example would be the Torpilleur Military, which is beautiful without the date. But, there are times a date has been useful. Hmm, maybe someone could figure out how to display a date on the side of the case r...