Live from Watches and Wonders: A photo of the intriguing Ulysse Nardin Blast Moonstruck.

Apr 03, 2022,11:11 AM

Don't worry, I took several photos of this watch, and I will write an article on the Blast Moonstruck. 

To help you to wait, here is a first photo: 



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Out of this world

 By: Ping.Timeout : April 3rd, 2022-11:13
This is out of this world. Amazing dial and complication.

This is fascinating, futuristic, and amazing!

 By: KCLQMULKU : April 3rd, 2022-11:33
Thanks for this!


 By: KCLQMULKU : April 3rd, 2022-17:39


 By: InHavenPro : April 3rd, 2022-16:41
to say the least. They have been on a 'roll' in recent years.... Thanks, looking forward to many more images, Filip

My pleasure, Filip.

 By: amanico : April 3rd, 2022-17:03

I suppose I will..

 By: Ronald Held : April 3rd, 2022-19:26
Have to wait.

I did not mean to..

 By: Ronald Held : April 4th, 2022-16:17
Make light of the effort needed.

How many other watches..

 By: Ronald Held : April 5th, 2022-19:39
Will require that level of preparation before posting them?

Lots of work!! (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : April 6th, 2022-16:11