A Plunge from 36 meters high. World record set in the creeks of Cassis (Video 2:57 minutes)

Nov 20, 2020,09:35 AM

50 Years old Lionel FRANC

Record du monde de plongeon de haut-vol (Video)

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Wow. I will not try that! Impressive

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 20th, 2020-10:45

Impressive, but what is the record?

 By: mkvc : November 20th, 2020-11:05
They do 41 meters (or maybe 45; sources seem to differ) in Acapulco. Is this dive different in some way? Just curious.

It is a world record in the category : Cliff jumping head forward (in French Saut de l'ange tête en avant)

 By: PoyFR : November 20th, 2020-11:19
Here more info : L'Équipe : Le plongeur des calanques

I had the creeps

 By: ninolitaliano : November 20th, 2020-12:04

in despite of my Baltic

 By: ninolitaliano : November 20th, 2020-12:20
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