Too bad this date!!! [nt]

Mar 22, 2017,03:27 AM

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It's Here!! TAG Heuer has Released First Photos of the new Autavia

 By: OnTheDash : March 22nd, 2017-03:02
Full information about the new watch and more photos here -- Looks like a winner to me!! Jeff ...  


 By: mahesh : March 22nd, 2017-03:46
that is a bug most mfg couldn't get rid of ;-) Best, mahesh.,

+1 [nt]

 By: shipkeeper : March 22nd, 2017-08:25

I was convinced months ago. The date is not a deal breaker for me.

 By: MichaelC : March 22nd, 2017-06:38
It it were sandwiched over at 4:30 or something, then I would pass. But this is a modern interpretation, with a modern movement; the date is OK. And... I do believe we will see other Autavia models... maybe one will be without a date ;-)

I think the date is well placed!

 By: Prodyutb : March 22nd, 2017-08:54
Looks great in the pics! I can live with the increased size but worry about the thickness of the case.

A good reissue

 By: brandon1 : March 22nd, 2017-10:19
This looks to be a very faithful and wearable new release. I just left similar comments on the new Omega trio, but I have to point out I think the brown lume is applied here more deftly and with more restraint. Also, well done on using the proper vintage ... 

En route to Basel now...

 By: JToddH : March 22nd, 2017-12:46
I should have more pics to post shortly!

Date situation aside...

 By: remarque : March 22nd, 2017-19:34
I am disappointed by the thickness of the bezel, as compared to the original, and general lack of refinement (that is, all the parts, indices, hour/minute hands including chrono second hands all seem too fat). JB continues his reign of bulk, not beauty he...