TAG Heuer | TAG Heuer X Porsche Virtual Launch

Feb 04, 2021,06:01 AM

Earlier this week, I was invited to today's "Virtual Launch" of TAG Heuer's new partnership with Porsche. I can't wait to know more about where this goes.

Watch the video below!

Stay tuned!

TAG Heuer | TAG Heuer X Porsche Virtual Launch

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I watched the launch ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 4th, 2021-06:18
Unfortunately it didn’t live up to the hype.

IMO, it's significant that they picked up a brand as prestigious as Porsche

 By: JToddH : February 4th, 2021-06:43
The ball is in TAG's court. Let's see what they do with it!

It’s obviously a convenient financial arrangement..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 4th, 2021-10:15
I just wish that the watches were a little more creative in design terms. Apart from the Carrera name what are we looking at.

Wholeheartedly agree

 By: CGJ0 : February 6th, 2021-04:32

Looks like they believe their own marketing 😉

 By: nacelle : February 4th, 2021-07:00
No message body

I really don’t get it...

 By: sebks : February 4th, 2021-10:40
Why would Porsche go for this when they have their own lineup of similar but better watches ? Why would somebody get excited by another derivative Tag? Why would a Porsche owner wear this instead of a Dayto if base Carrera owner, or a Nautilus if GT3 owne... 

When was the last time you saw someone wearing a PD watch this side of the originals?

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : February 4th, 2021-15:57
And, why do you think they are better that this particular watch? I am only asking because I am curious.

2 reasons

 By: sebks : February 4th, 2021-23:04
1) if the main « attraction point » for someone looking for a watch is the connection with Porsche then PD has more « Porsche DNA » 2) PD offers a more unique style for less money On its own the new carrera is not that bad (at least not worst than any oth...