Heuer hoarding sickness 🤒 🤕

Oct 04, 2019,14:18 PM

Cheers, HSTE

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I have a similar illness

 By: Drat1 : October 4th, 2019-14:47
Seems to be getting worse. Although I’ve noticed it has come and gone over the years. I went into remission between 2013-2018 but now it’s back worse than ever. But lovely selection you have there. What is your current go-to?

That’s a good one‼️ HHHH

 By: HSTE : October 4th, 2019-23:45
Cheers, HSTE

You got it bad! Great vintage collection

 By: reintitan : October 4th, 2019-15:17
Love that GMT Chrono and the Bundeswehr 1550 watches. And of course your Dark Star!